This Article is From Oct 26, 2021

Can Diabetics Eat Custard Apples (Sitaphal)? Let's Find Out

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar highlighted some "fears" and stated "facts" related to Sitaphal.

Can Diabetics Eat Custard Apples (Sitaphal)? Let's Find Out

Custard Apple is loaded with several essential vitamins and minerals

Sitaphal, or custard apple, is currently in season. This fruit comes with a vast array of health benefits. Apart from being rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium and magnesium, the fruit is said to be good for the skin, hair and eyesight. It is also believed that it supports immunity and promotes digestion. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, in an Instagram post, stated about the various myths and facts related to the fruit. She shared an image of fresh custard apples kept in a basket and addressed the "fears" and stated "facts" around the fruit.

Common myths about custard apple busted!

Fear: Avoid if diabetic

Rujuta stated that this was a common fear that people with diabetes must avoid Sitaphal. However, the fact is that the fruit is low on glycemic index. Also, local and seasonal fruits are recommended for diabetics.

Fear: Avoid if fat

People who have gained excess fat fear eating Sitaphal as they feel it would harm the body. But, according to Rujuta, Sitaphal is a good source of Vitamin B complex, especially Vitamin B6, and even works at reducing bloating.

Fear: Avoid if heart patient

Usually, this is another fear related to Sitaphal. However, Rujuta stated that this fruit was high on minerals like manganese and Vitamin C, and had an anti-ageing effect on the heart and circulatory system.

Fear: Avoid if suffering from PCOD

It is believed that women suffering from PCOD must not consume Sitaphal. But, Rujuta stated that Sitaphal was a good source of iron, and fought feelings of tiredness, irritability and improved fertility.

Here's Rujuta's post:

Rujuta Diwekar has suggested the consumption of fruits like Sitaphal even before. She once stated that fruits like this helped in healing ulcers and prevented acidity. She also shared that the iron content in Sitaphal was very helpful for women. She informed that this fruit improved haemoglobin and had bioactive molecules with anti-obesogenic, anti-diabetes, and anti-cancer properties.

Some other reasons to include this fruit in your winter diet are as follows:

Sitaphal contains micronutrients that are good for your skin. This could be helpful to those who face skin issues during winter. It contains Vitamin A, which is good for the eyes and beneficial for the functioning of the brain. Sitaphal is rich in fibre, which is good for the body, and it's also beneficial for patients suffering from high blood pressure. Read more about its health benefits here.

Next time, while you are opting for seasonal fruits, do not forget to include Sitaphal.

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