This Article is From Jan 25, 2023

Are You On Your Fitness Journey? Stop Doing These 3 Things

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shared a post on Instagram talking about three things that you must avoid while on your way to becoming fit.

Are You On Your Fitness Journey? Stop Doing These 3 Things

These mistakes may be slowing down your weight loss

Just look around and you will find people cribbing about weight gain. There are so many out there trying to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle. If you are on your fitness journey, you've got to be strict with your eating habits and make exercise and regular workouts an essential part of your life. All of this takes a lot of motivation and strong willpower. No matter what you say, because this is a journey, it will surely witness certain ups and downs. Sometimes, people who are trying to be fit, end up succumbing to many negative ideas and emotions. You should do things mindfully and not fall prey to fad diet trends and whatever you hear, in general, from people. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar discusses three things or rather behavioural patterns that you should avoid while on your fitness journey.   

According to her, avoid these three behaviours on your fitness journey:

1. Carb fear

She says it's a baseless fear that keeps us worried about eating regular home-cooked food like roti, sabzi, dal, chawal, upma, idli and dosa. We do this because we think that these food items carry too many carbs. However, Rujuta states, “Studies have shown that this kind of behavioural pattern keeps women under-fuelled for their daily tasks and can explain why most of us feel constantly drained out or tired with our daily life.”

2. Binge eating disorder or BED

Binge eating disorder is not really a pathological condition but an observational disorder. Women don't eat anything for long hours and then eat a lot at one point in time.  Rujuta Diwekar writes, “It stems out of low self-esteem and the feeling that we are not worthy of food and that if we have eaten food, then we should now punish ourselves by going on a long fast.”

So, binge eating disorder is another term or rather a kind of behaviour that you need to look out for.

3. Dysfunctional exercise

The nutritionist says that way too many women seem to be affected by it nowadays. Dysfunctional exercise is about exercising mindlessly. This happens when you exercise not for your health or performance but just for the heck of it. This kind of process doesn't really improve your health and well-being, she adds.

 Rujuta Diwekar also informs about a study that she read recently. She says, “Essentially, it's a study that studied dieters have come out with an analysis that says that people who diet are invariably heavier than people who don't diet.”

The other thing that the study observed was that when we lose weight because of dieting, then our body makes certain metabolic adaptations to ensure that we gain weight later. And this kind of cycle just continues even after we have gained the weight that we have lost post-dieting.

So,  Rujuta Diwekar adds, “Dieting essentially puts you at a risk of staying fatter and heavier than what you would like to be at a later stage.”

The nutritionist insists that you must eat correctly, savour homecooked food, and don't skip your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Make exercise a part of your life and sleep on time because that's what life is all about.

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