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Anti-Obesity Day 2019: What Causes Childhood Obesity? Tips For Parents To Help Their Children Maintain A Healthy Weight

World anti-obesity day: Obesity can increase the risk of many chronic diseases. There are many factors that can trigger the risk of obesity. According to studies and surveys, childhood obesity is shockingly increasing. Here are some ways to prevent childhood obesity.

Anti-Obesity Day 2019: What Causes Childhood Obesity? Tips For Parents To Help Their Children Maintain A Healthy Weight

World Anti-Obesity Day 2019: Obesity is affecting huge population today


  • Anti-obesity day tries to fight obesity at an early stage
  • Obesity is affect huge population today
  • Childhood obesity is a huge concern these days

Anti-obesity day is observed on every November 26 in various parts of the world. This day highlights the health hazards of obesity and various steps one can take to fight obesity. Obesity is affecting a huge population today from all age groups. Obese people may find it very difficult to lose weight and even more difficult to sustain weight loss. It has also become the major root cause of many serious health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac problems, joint pains, sleeping disorders, infertility and increased chances of cancer. India has the second-highest number of obese children in the world after China, according to a study that has found that 14.4 million children in the country have excess weight.

Dr. Vaishakhi Rustagi, Consultant- Pediatric Endocrinology, explained, "researchers have found over two billion children and adults suffer from health problems related to being overweight or obese, and an increasing percentage of people die from these non-communicable health conditions. Not just genes but inactivity and faulty diet are some major reasons behind obesity.

The causes of obesity in children are the increasing portion sizes over the years. Lack of inadequate physical activity has also contributed significantly to obesity, causes being safety concerns, few chances for overweight youth to participate in sports, many local fast-food restaurants. Also, with the technology getting advanced, the average screen time of children is also increasing. On average adolescents, these days spend about 5-6 hours approximately on the screen which is about five times the recommended screen time. For each hour of screen view, prevalence of obesity increases by 2% in children."


Anti-obesity day: Your diet plays a crucial role in maintaining your weight
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World anti-obesity day: How to fight childhood obesity?

It is important to deal fight obesity and the factor contributing to it as soon as possible. Early prevention can help in fighting the condition better and can give positive outcomes. Here are some ways to deal with fight childhood obesity-

1. Kids consume more sugar and sugar-loaded items in a day. High sugar consumption is one of the reasons behind obesity. You need to control the sugar consumption of your child. It will reduce the risk of cavities as well as obesity.

2. You must serve the right portion size according to your kid's age

3. Plan your meal wisely so that you can add more vegetables and fruits to your kid's diet


Anti-obesity day 2019: Monitor your kid's diet carefully to avoid childhood obesity
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4. Avoid screen time or any other distraction while having a meal so that your child understands when he/she is full

5. Store your healthy foods options onside your house

6. Limit screen time and encourage your children to go out and play

7. Make sure that your child gets enough sleep

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(Dr. Vaishakhi Rustagi, Consultant- Pediatric Endocrinology, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh)

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