3 Simple Stretches For Neck, Shoulder And Back To Counter The Side Effects Of Prolonged Sitting

Stiffness in back, neck and shoulder are quite common these days especially while working from home. Here are 3 simple stretches you can try to keep your back healthy.

3 Simple Stretches For Neck, Shoulder And Back To Counter The Side Effects Of Prolonged Sitting

Take frequent break and do simple stretches for a healthy spine

With the work from home routine back and neck pain became quite common. This happens when you sit for a long duration on your workstations and skip breaks. Lack of movement can also make the body stiff. So it's important to take breaks and avoid sitting at a stretch. So if you are you facing such issues and do not have much time to join a yoga class for your physical well-being, here's a solution for you. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has shared some "easy stretches for neck, shoulders and back" that can "help reduce the damage from long sitting and wrong posture".

In an Instagram video, Rujata has demonstrated the stretches one after the other. She said, "Do this so that you don't feel stiff in your shoulders and you don't overall get poor in your bone mineral density."

Here are the three stretches by Rujuta Diwekar

Stretch 1

If you are sitting, lift your arms up (straight in front of you). Pull your shoulders at the back, pinch (squeeze) your shoulder blade, and lift your arms (elbows). Then bring your shoulders right beneath your ears. Make sure they don't go very close to your ears.

You have to take your hands up in the next step. Here also, squeeze your shoulder blades, push your shoulders down. Work at straightening out your elbow.

Note: Make sure you don't bring your head in front in the middle of your stretched hands. Let your head go back and stand. If you want some support, go by a wall and perform the exercise.

Hold this pose for about 5 to 10 counts.

Stretch 2

Come a little front while you are seated on a chair and take a simple turn and look on the other side. Do not move your knees, just turn back using your upper body. You don't move from the chest but all the way from your lower abdomen and lower back. Stay like that for about five counts.

After this, you still have to do the same things. Roll your shoulders back, lift your chest up, squeeze your shoulder blades and turn from the lower abs (Stay here for five counts).

Repeat the same thing on the other side while you are sitting.

Stretch 3

To ensure that your shoulders and neck stay in the same place, you learn to employ your legs, she said.

Stand on both your legs with your weight equally distributed. Squeeze your hips and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Then, just shift your weight to one leg and lift the other leg and stay in this position until five counts. Repeat the same on the other side.

If at all, you feel you are unable to stand in this position and you are going all over the place, take support from a ledge and put your leg up. You can slowly try to remove the ledge and stand without the support.

Take a look at her Instagram video:

Try these stretches and ensure a healthy spine!

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