Gurgaon: Employers punished 8-year-old with dog bites

Gurgaon: At eight, his reality has been harsher than most adults have ever encountered.

Someone who wishes to remain anonymous secretly filmed his world: A woman wearing heavy sneakers kicks him. More than once. So hard that the cooking pan he is trying to clean flies from his hand onto the floor.

He is covered with bruises, the marks of the family that employed him as their domestic help for two months in Gurgaon. The black and blue stretches of skin were not the worst they inflicted on him. Often, their dog was provoked to bite him, he says.

The employer - a man named Ishawar Chandar Gupta who is a garment trader - says the child was never hit, but cannot explain the injuries.

Finally, an NGO heard about the victim yesterday and showed up at the bungalow to rescue him.

His family lives five kilometres away from the place. The victim does not have a father; he stays with his mother who says she needed the money, so she agreed to let her son work there. She used to work at the same house earlier.

The victim is currently at home with his family.

The Gurgaon police have so far not registered a case against the child's employers.