Goa policeman seen selling drugs on TV

Goa policeman seen selling drugs on TV
Goa: A local TV channel in Goa on Tuesday showed the footage of a Goa police official selling drugs to two foreigners.
Police spokesman Atmaram Deshpande said they will be able to comment on the issue only after watching the footage.
The channel has claimed that the man shown on camera, selling drugs to two foreign girls, is a police official then attached to anti-narcotic cell of Goa Police.
The police official named in the sting operation by the channel was last year awarded certificate by Director General of Police B S Bassi for nabbing Israeli drug peddler David Driham alias Dudu.
He had also arrested former anti-narcotic cell chief Ashish Shirodkar after his links with another Israeli drug Baron Yaniv Benaim alias Atala were exposed by the media.
Seven policemen were arrested in that connection while Atala managed to get a bail and jumped it.