This Article is From Dec 26, 2011

Man stabbed to death over Rs 60

Man stabbed to death over Rs 60
Ghaziabad: A man was stabbed to death by the owner of a roadside eatery after a row over Rs 60 turned violent, police said on Sunday.

The incident occurred in Vijay Nagar when Prahlad Chaudhary, 32, and his nephew came to eat biryani at the eatery.

When its owner Jaivir Singh Malik asked them to pay Rs 260, Chaudhary was ready to cough up only Rs 200.

As the quarrel intensified, Malik and an aide caught hold of Chaudhary to force him to pay.

Freeing himself, Chaudhary picked up an iron rod and hit Malik and his wife Savitri. Seeing her bleeding, Malik stabbed Chaudhary with a kitchen knife in the chest.

He was rushed to a hospital where doctors declared him dead. Malik has been arrested.