"You Can See Live Order Count": Internet Is Divided Over Zomato's New Feature

Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal took to X (formerly Twitter) to share an announcement post, stating that the company has come up with a "cool new update".

'You Can See Live Order Count': Internet Is Divided Over Zomato's New Feature

Zomato's new 'LIVE' count featyre (Photo Credit: X/@@deepigoyal)

Food tech company Zomato has always been known to upgrade the app to provide a unique and seamless experience to the users. In one such recent development, the company has introduced a new feature 'LIVE order count' for its consumers to get a real-time update on how India orders online. Deepinder Goyal, the CEO at Zomato, took to the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to share an announcement post, stating that the company has come up with a "cool new update" for its consumers. "You can now see the LIVE order count on @zomato for the day, right after you place your order. I just placed an order at around 11 am, and the count was already over 250,000. Have fun!" the post reads.

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Since then, the news has taken the internet by storm, garnering 135.4k views, 1.3k likes and hundreds of comments on the post. While some people seemed excited about the new feature, some were confused about its utility.

"It was about 13 lacs yesterday at EOD. Mind-blowing adoption. India is literally feeding itself off Zomato," a person wrote.

Another comment read, "Super interesting. Maybe each 100k, 200k, or 300k order could have some incentive for the user, and the experience can be super gamified!"

"Very cool indeed. When I ordered yesterday in the Train. It was around 16.29 Lakh+," a third comment read.

A person wrote, "From your plate to the stats board! Watching orders fly in real-time adds a whole new flavour to your Zomato experience."

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On the other hand, a sarcastic comment read, "People receiving non-vegetarian food after ordering vegetarian. Food orders getting delayed. New charges are being introduced daily: platform charge, packaging charge, and restaurant charge. Meanwhile, Zomato: Look at our order numbers."

A user weighed in, "What value does it add to the end-consumer? Genuinely curious..."

"Very cool on a fyi basis, but do you expect it to add value to user experience or Zomato business?" a comment read.

Another person asked, "Besides the cool factor, what else is the utility of this?"

A person opined, "It should be available at all times, why is it available only after ordering food?"

A comment suggested, "That's a nice update. A suggestion: can we also see whether a delivery partner has been tipped or not? Making someone's day is important."

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