World Diabetes Day: 5 Top Food Myths Around Diabetes Revealed

Its World Diabetes Day today. While it is a good idea to maintain caution with your diet and lifestyle to manage diabetes better, it is also important to be able to tell myths from facts.

World Diabetes Day: 5 Top Food Myths Around Diabetes Revealed

Its the World Diabetes Day today!  The day which was initiated by International Diabetes Federation to spread awareness and  promote better diabetes management amongst people who have been suffering from the condition. Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by high blood sugar either because of the inability of the body to produce enough insulin or the inability to respond to the insulin so produced. There are many myths associated with diabetes and its long term treatment . And while it is a good idea to maintain caution with your diet and lifestyle to manage diabetes better, it is also important to be able to tell myths from facts. To commemorate World Diabetes Day 2017 and create awareness,we bust the top food related myths around diabetes. 

1. Diabetics Should Stay Away From Fruit Juice

It is always more advisable to eat fresh, whole fruits- they have more fibre and are more filling. Also, it helps to exercise certain portion control. It is easy to chug down more glasses of juice than eat whole fruits, which further helps keep blood sugar in check. Why fruit juices are not advisable for diabetics is for their excessive sugar content, the packaged juices that you find in are loaded with sugar, calories and carbs, all of which can result in unnecessary sugar spike. Juices, because they are in liquid form are easy to digest which means easier metabolism of sugar and carbs- which further means faster rise in blood sugar. If you do want to have juice, limit it to 4 ounces.

2.Diabetics Should Not Have Potatoes

You don't need to eliminate potatoes from your diet, however you may need to be cautious about 'how' you have them. French fries, chips, potato wedges made in low grade refines oils are bad source of carbohydrates which should be refrained from. Have them boiled, mashed or baked. Potatoes may be a high GI food but it is loaded in Vitamin V, Fibre and potassium which you should include as part of your diet. When you include potatoes (a starchy vegetable) as part of a meal, you can balance them with non-starchy vegetables such as a lettuce salad, green beans, or broccoli.

3. People with diabetes should not eat fruit

Daibetics can eat fruits make sure they are low GI fruits. Bangalore based nutritionist says, "It is always a good idea to avoid fruitsthat have a high sugar content. All fruits have natural sugar that can pose to be a problem for diabetics. Mangoes aren't quite recommended. Opt for fruits that are high in fibre and low on the Glycemic Index like apples, pears, oranges, peaches and plums."

4. Eating sugar causes diabetes

eating Sugar alone doesn't cause diabetes, however it can definitely play a role in development of the disease. Diabetes are a group of conditions that results in elevated blood sugar levels. Type 1 diabetes has been linked to genetics and an autoimmune response to the sudden trigger. Type two diabetes, on the other hand has also been linked toa couple of factors like sedantry lifestyle, poor overall diet , having high blood pressure, being overage etc. To help prevent diabetes one must stay away from sugary foods and drinks, but to pin the sugary desserts as the sole cause, could be a wrong assumption.

5. Diabetics would never get to have desserts again

In moderation, diabetics too can have desserts. Infact experts say, that restricting yourself too much may result in bouts of binge-eating later. Therefore indulging in a small serving of desserts on special ocassions may not harm as much nut make sure you balance out your carb intake through your meal by including more high fibre and low GI foods.

Happy World Diabetes Day!



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