Winter Is Coming: Boost Your Immunity With These 6 Magical Foods

cold weather brings with it a number of diseases and the flu. Here are some foods that you should stock up on, to boost immunity during the winters.

Winter Is Coming: Boost Your Immunity With These 6 Magical Foods


  • Seasons are in transition and winter is just around the corner
  • There are certain foods which can fight flu and the cold
  • Garlic contains immunity-boosting sulphur compounds

Seasons are changing and winter is on its way. We all know what that means- sweater weather! It's time to snuggle up with soups and hot chocolates. Unfortunately, cold weather brings with it a number of diseases and the flu. Cold weather is cue for common cold and viruses to enter your body and therefore, it's essential for you to take care of yourself by consuming healthy food. A healthy diet is essential for preventing yourself from contracting flu. This is because your immunity takes a hit during the winters. Apart from covering yourself up in warm clothes, there are certain foods you can add to your diet, which can enhance your immunity and protect you from the diseases that are common during the cold winter months. From adding these foods to your soups and porridges to baking them into various goodies, there are many ways that you can add these immunity boosting foods to your diet, in preparation for winter.

Here are six immunity boosting foods you should stock up on during winters:

1. Ginger: One of the foremost winter spices that you must add to your foods is ginger, which can be added to teas, warm soups and even mocktails and cocktails. Ginger is a quick fix for a sore throat and it also fights inflammation in the body, as well as boosts immunity.

2. Garlic: This flavour-enhancer has sulphur-containing compounds like allicin, which acts as an immunity booster.

3. Citrus Fruits: Most citrus fruits like lemon, lime, orange, etc., contain Vitamin C, which is known as nature's immunity booster.

4. Dark Leafy Veggies: Spinach, kale, mustard greens and other dark leafy vegetables aren't just extremely nutritious and low in calories, but are also packed with antioxidants, beta carotene and immunity-boosting vitamin C.

5. Mushrooms: The deliciously flavourful mushrooms are like an immunity boosting shot for your body as they are rich in selenium, niacin, riboflavin and Vitamin D.

6. Turmeric: This essential kitchen spice is also an important immunity booster and can be added to anything and everything from teas to soups, porridges and of course, curries.

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