Winter Beauty Tip: This Kitchen Ingredient Is All You Need To Keep Your Skin Moisturised!

Winter Beauty Tip: This Kitchen Ingredient Is All You Need To Keep Your Skin Moisturised!


  • Winters deprive the skin of natural oils, making it dry
  • Olive oil can be used to massage face and limbs
  • Mix olive oil with coconut oil to moisturise and hydrate your skin deeply

Winters bring with them dry, flaky and dull skin, which makes you want to stop heading out into the cold completely. Your skin takes a huge hit during the winters, as the cold steals the natural oils present in them, making whitish patches appear on your face and limbs. It also makes your facial skin and the skin of your lips appear rough. Thankfully, we have enough easy-to-apply solutions to dry skin and moisturising problems available to us that are very easily accessible. Some of our most amazing and nutritious natural oils moisturise better than the most expensive moisturisers out there. They're effective, have long lasting effects, are easy on the pocket and also have no side effects at all. One such oil that you can bring to your skin's rescue during winters is olive oil, which is now present in the pantries of almost everybody.

Olive oil is the easiest and the best solution to dry skin during winters, as it moisturises your skin deeply and entirely. Moreover, you don't need a huge amount of the oil to fight dry skin- just a teaspoon or two of olive oil can work wonders for your skin. To solve your dry skin troubles during winters, you can opt for the regular olive oil and there's no need to use the extra virgin olive oil. That is because the latter is used in cooking for its intense aroma and flavour, which your skin can obviously do without.

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Here's how you can use olive oil to keep your skin healthy and moisturised during winters:

1. For Facial Skin

The sensitive facial skin shows the effects of harsh winters more prominently than skin on any other body part. A routine facial massage using olive oil can retain the moisture in the skin, even during the harshest of cold winters. All you need to do is take a little bit of warm oil on your finger tips and massage your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin with it.

2. For Full Body Massage

Warm a bit of olive oil and massage it on your body parts before going for a bath. The body massage will improve circulation and help the skin on your limbs and other body parts to regain moisture during winters.

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3. For Deep Moisturisation

If your skin is particularly dry, you can mix a little bit of olive oil with coconut oil and apply it on your skin every few days, for deeply moisturising and hydrating solution. You may even use olive oil for exfoliation, by mixing a little bit of oil with ground coffee beans and massage your face with this paste in circular motions. This will remove dead facial skin cells and moisturise your skin in a natural way.

So now you know! There's no need for you to buy expensive moisturisers and winter creams in order to keep your skin from becoming dry. All you need is just a little bit of olive oil and your skin will be as happy as ever.

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