Watch: This Indian Man Drank Capri Sun In Less Than 10 Seconds To Set World Record

An Indian man made headlines for drinking a certain type of fruit juice at top speed and setting a world record. Watch the video of his feat below.

Watch: This Indian Man Drank Capri Sun In Less Than 10 Seconds To Set World Record

A man recaptured his world record of being the quickest person to drink a type of juice

The Guinness World Records database contains a vast range of incredible world records that never fail to amaze. Just a few days back, a chef-blogger duo grabbed many eyeballs online for making the world's largest donut. This stunning sweet treat is said to weigh the equivalent of 1500 regular donuts (Read the full story here). Before that, it was the record for the world's largest marshmallow that took the Internet by storm. But it's not just culinary creations that go down in history. People with unusual food-related skills are also often recognised by Guinness World Records (GWR). Among the recent achievements is that of an Indian man drinking a particular type of juice at a record-breaking speed.

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Fayis Nazer performed the extraordinary feat of drinking a Capri Sun within a span of 8.02 seconds. Nazer has become the only person to have achieved the task within 10 seconds. Interestingly, Nazer had once held the same record with a time span of 11.86 seconds. But he was dethroned by a German man named Andre Ortolf last year when he managed to perform the same action in 10.41 seconds. With his latest feat of 8.02 seconds, Nazer has reclaimed the title.

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There are certain rules for contestants participating in this speed-drinking 'competition'. According to the GWR website, participants must start with both hands placed flat on a table. Once the timer starts, they are permitted to unwrap the straw and tear open the pouch. Nazer reportedly took around three and half seconds to complete this part, and the remaining time was spent drinking the juice at top speed. GWR recently shared a clip documenting Nazer's achievement. Take a look at it below:

Fayis Nazer has held several Guinness World Records at one time or the other. Currently, three other records are attributed to him: the most hula hoop spins on one arm in a minute (274), the fastest time to peel and eat three clementines (30.39 seconds), and also the fastest time to devour 80 g of watercress (37.68 seconds).

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