Watch: Instagram User Posts About Finding Worm In Salad, Video Is Viral

A viral Instagram post alleges that a person found a worm in food served at a Gurugram restaurant. Read to know how people reacted online.

Watch: Instagram User Posts About Finding Worm In Salad, Video Is Viral

A viral post claims there was a worm in a Gurgaon restaurant's food (Photo: Instagram/ dietholics21)

In recent times, posts about food safety (or lack thereof) have been going viral on several platforms. From the viral post about a person finding a worm in a chocolate bar to frequent horror stories about flight food, different incidents have been brought to light on social media. Among the latest posts taking Instagram by storm involves a serious allegation against a restaurant in Gurugram. A user (@dietholics21) claims that she found a worm crawling in the salad served by the establishment.

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In the short reel, we can see a plate of food partially filled with different side dishes, including papad and salad. On zooming in, the person filming the video shows what looks to be a worm on the plate. She also points out the same with her finger. The caption reads, "The Barbecue Company At Gurugram South City 1 serving worms in food." The Instagram user has also tagged the restaurant and mentioned several authorities in her caption. Watch the clip below:

Disclaimer: NDTV does not vouch for the claims in the post by the Instagram user.

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The post has received 160K views so far. In the comments, a person asked, "So, did you pay for this worm salad or compensation was given?" The Instagram user replied, "Despite the complaint to the manager and chef, they came with the full bill. After 10 minutes of discussion when we said why we should pay despite eating stale food that too with worms. This worm we saw, we might have eaten too in a salad or some other food already."

NDTV reached out to The Barbecue Company, but there has been no comment thus far.

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