X User Who Posted About Worm In Cadbury Shares Report, Company Responds

Some time ago, a post about a person finding a worm crawling inside a chocolate packet went viral. There has been a new development in this food safety issue.

X User Who Posted About Worm In Cadbury Shares Report, Company Responds

The man who found a worm in chocolate shared lab analysis of the same (Photo: X/ RobinZaccheus)

Around 2 weeks ago, a man took to X (formerly Twitter) to share a photo of a worm found inside a Cadbury chocolate packet. As per his post, he had bought the item from a kiosk at Ameerpet metro station, Hyderabad. The incident had taken the internet by storm, sparking a wide range of reactions. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation responded to the post, assuring swift action. Cadbury also shared a statement in reply. (Read the full story here).

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More recently, the same person has shared an update on the incident. He has posted pictures of what he claims are results of an analysis of the chocolate undertaken by the Telangana State Food Laboratory. As per the post, the report says that the food item is "unsafe" to consume. In the caption, the X user wrote, "The Telangana State Food laboratory has confirmed the Cadbury Chocolate (Roasted Almond) was "UNSAFE TO CONSUME" they found WHITE WORMS & WEB! Here's the report of the 2 Cadbury chocolates purchased at Ratnadeep Retail. It is perhaps high time that FMCG companies are made accountable and penalised for supplying unsafe food that our children consume very often!" He also tagged the companies involved, urging them to "take complete responsibility of this utter negligence for endangering public health." Furthermore, he has urged "people to be cautious while consuming these chocolates, especially when we give it to our innocent children."

Check out the complete post below:

Disclaimer: NDTV does not vouch for the claims in the post by the X user.

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In response to this update, Cadbury wrote, "Hi, Mondelez follows the internationally accepted HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) programme, which is the most comprehensive food safety system in the world, to ensure that our products are free from any physical, chemical and microbiological issues. Chocolate like any other food product requires specific care and attention in the distribution chain, retail environment and in storage. We have tested the samples of the same batch, as well as other batches manufactured around the same time and found no issues. We are confident that the product has not been affected during the manufacturing process."

The X post has received more than 500K views so far.

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