"My Brain Hurts" - Video Showing Process Of "Unmaking Cereal" Gets 14 Million Views

A video showing a vlogger's reaction to a person's efforts to "unmake" a bowl of cereal has gone viral on Instagram. Find out exactly what the process entailed.

'My Brain Hurts' - Video Showing Process Of 'Unmaking Cereal' Gets 14 Million Views

Reactions to person "unmaking" a bowl of cereal are viral (Photo Credit: Instagram/ richardsalesofficial)

Many viral food videos involve putting together bizarre dishes. However, one of the recent reels taking Instagram by storm involves doing the opposite. By "opposite", we mean deconstructing a dish in such an unusual way, that people have been left confused. In this video, digital creator Richard Sales acts as a commentator and reacts to another person's video on "unmaking" a bowl of cereal. This strange concept has received a lot of interest online. In the video, we can see an unidentified person take a bowl of cornflake cereal mixed with milk and strain it into an empty bowl. The cornflakes collected in the strainer are then held under running water to "rinse the milk off".

The person then uses a hand-held hair dryer to get rid of all excess moisture from the cereal. They separate each 'dried' piece of the cereal and line them up on a baking tray covered with parchment paper. "I don't know if this is genius or crazy," the commentator confesses. The person in the video places the tray in the oven.

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Next, the person reheats the milk (strained from the cereal earlier) and pours it through a funnel into a small glass bottle. The commentator is left wondering why the milk is back in the picture, and so are we. The next part of the video increases our sense of disbelief. The person is seen printing a paper label for Kellog's cornflakes, with some text and images. They proceed to recreate the cereal box with a thin cardboard and stick the label on it. "I don't know what to say. This is just genius!" the commentator exclaims. He adds, "Some people are just so talented man. And I'm not". In the meanwhile, we see the person in the video create a small plastic bag to put the cereal. Once the contents have been transferred into it from the baking tray, the bag is sealed and packed inside the box.

The video doesn't end there. The person is later seen opening the bag and mixing the cereal with milk to make the dish all over again. Watch the complete reel below:

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The reaction video has received more than 14 million views on Instagram so far. In the comments, many users were left wondering the point of this exercise. Others had suggestions to take the concept to the next level. Read some of the reactions below:

"Just one question...why?"

"My brain hurts."

"That one unemployed friend on a random Tuesday be like:"

"New fear unlocked... my cereal is leftover cereal."

"Now I'm questioning all the cornflakes I ever bought."

"That guy doesn't have too much free time. People watching this do."

"Video is incomplete, Bro forgot to make the cow drink the milk."

"'Mom, I didn't want cereal for breakfast today!' 'No problem, I'll unmake it'."

"I don't know why but it made me very anxious."

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