Viral Video Sparks Heated Debate On Ethics And Hunger: Is 'Hangry' A Valid Excuse?

A video showing a person dressed as a judge and mentioning hunger affecting his work has taken the Internet by storm.

Viral Video Sparks Heated Debate On Ethics And Hunger: Is 'Hangry' A Valid Excuse?

A viral video about being hangry has led to a debate on X (Photo Credit: Instagram/danhentschel)

Hunger is said to make people do things they usually wouldn't do. You might have come across the informal portmanteau word "hangry" (a combination of "hungry" and "angry"). As the name suggests, it implies feeling irritable due to hunger. The internet is full of memes and funny videos of people committing strange acts because they're hangry. A recent viral post was also about this phenomenon. However, very few people seemed to have found it hilarious. It has actually sparked a serious debate on social media, on the topic of ethics, hunger and psychology.

The video was reshared on X (formerly Twitter) from another platform by user @Bornakang. In the short clip, we see a person dressed like a judicial judge, in black robes with a white collar. He is seen putting what looks to be a morsel of food in his mouth with a pair of chopsticks. He doesn't say anything - he just looks straight ahead, as if deep in thought. The text on the video reads, "Finally getting lunch and realising that I gave a guy life in prison without parole because I was hangry." Take a look at the viral video here:

Since being posted on October 5, 2023, the X post has already received more than 15 million views so far. More than a thousand users have shared their reactions to the clip. It is important to note that the person in the video is not a real judge but a popular content creator known as Dan Hentschel. Nevertheless, the viral video has attracted many interesting comments from people online. While some did admit to finding it funny, others have brought different perspectives to light. This has further provided serious food for thought. Check out some of the replies below:

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