"Spider-Man: No Food At Home" - Internet Reacts To Costumed Figure Making Rotis On Rooftop

A viral video showing a person dressed like Spider-Man preparing rotis on a rooftop in Jaipur has received hilarious reactions and millions of views.

'Spider-Man: No Food At Home' - Internet Reacts To Costumed Figure Making Rotis On Rooftop

A viral video shows 'Spider-Man' making rotis on a rooftop (Photo: Instagram/ jaipur_ka_spiderman)

Recently, a viral video featuring a costumed figure in Jaipur has grabbed many eyeballs on Instagram and sparked a meme fest in the comments. In the reel, we see a person dressed like the popular superhero Spider-Man making rotis. Yes, you read that right. The clip, shared by @jaipur_ka_spiderman zooms in on the person seated on a sunny, open rooftop. We see them flatten the dough using a rolling pin to make the rotis. They also flip a roti already cooking on the heat. Take a look below:

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The reel has clocked over 17 million views so far. In the comments, many people shared witty remarks and funny theories about the situation. Swiggy Instamart also reacted, suggesting that, "Bro drinks marvel chai." (This is a play on the word "marvel" - which also refers to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU, of which Spider-Man is a part). Several other Instagram users also employed wordplay on the names of past Spider-Man movies. Read some of the reactions from Instagram below:

"Spider-Man: no food at home."

"Spider-Man: alone at home."

"Spider-Man: work from home."

"Spider-Man: No kitchen at home ."

"This is why he's FAR FROM HOME."

"India is not for beginners."

"With great power, comes gol [round] roti."

"Born to be a hero, forced to be a chef."

"Just Indian mom things... Spider-Man ko bhi kam pe laga diya. [Just Indian mom things... She even put Spider-Man to work.]"

Before this, a viral video featuring a blue-coloured "Spider-Man biryani" with edible webs took the internet by storm. Wondering what foodies had to say about it? Click here to read the full story.

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