Instagram Users Claim They Found Dead Rat Inside Chocolate Syrup Bottle, Hershey's Apologises

Hersheys syrup bottle: A recent post on Instagram shows people finding what looks to be a dead rat after opening an apparently sealed Hershey's chocolate syrup bottle.

Instagram Users Claim They Found Dead Rat Inside Chocolate Syrup Bottle, Hershey's Apologises

Hersheys chocolate syrup bottle (Photo Credit: Instagram/ pramisridhar)

Recently, a viral video making the rounds on Instagram has left many users shocked. The reel claims that a dead rat was found inside an apparently sealed bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup. In the clip, we see a person pouring a small portion of the syrup onto a spoon. The text on the video reveals that they spotted short strands of hair in the liquid. This made them decide to open the sealed cap fully and pour the syrup into a disposable cup. On doing so, "thick and hard consistency of dead rat dropped down", they wrote in the caption. They put the contents of the cup under running water to confirm their guess.

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In the caption, the Instagram users said that they tried to register a complaint but received no response. They stated that three of their family members had tasted the syrup already and two showed no symptoms after consumption. However, they claimed that one girl fainted and had to be taken to the hospital. Fortunately, she is alright now, the caption revealed. Watch the video below:

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The users cautioned the public and ended with a plea for redressal. They wrote, "Guys please be aware of what you're eating and ordering. Please do check while giving to kids. This is extremely concerning and unacceptable. We worried about the health risks and the lack of quality control. Please address this issue immediately. I demand a full investigation and assurance that this will not happen again."

Hershey's responded to the incident in the comments. The brand wrote, "Hi there, we are very sorry to see this. Please send us the UPC and manufacturing code from the bottle to with the reference number 11082163 so one of our team members can assist you!"

Before this, a viral post about a person finding a centipede frozen inside an Amul ice cream tub went viral. The brand issued a detailed statement about the issue. Click here to read the full story.

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