Man Claims To Find Human Finger In Ice Cream Ordered Online

The man who found a finger in his ice cream released a video statement.

Man Claims To Find Human Finger In Ice Cream Ordered Online

The image of ice cream with the finger piece appeared online.

Having ice cream to beat the heat turned out to be a horrifying experience for a man when he discovered a piece of a human finger in it. According to reports, Mumbai doctor Orlem Brandon Serrao had ordered ice cream from an online delivery app in the Malad area of Mumbai. He said he felt there was a nut in his mouth but it turned out to be a finger. After this, the man reached Malad police station. Malad police registered a case against the Yummo ice cream company and also sent the ice cream for investigation. Further details are awaited. 

Mr Serrao shared a video statement and said, "I had ordered three cone ice creams from an app. One of them was a butterscotch ice cream from Yummo brand. After eating half of it, I felt a solid piece in my mouth. I thought it could be a nut or a chocolate piece and spat it out to check what it was. I am a doctor so I know how body parts look like. When I carefully examined it, I noticed the nails and fingerprint impressions under it. It resembled a thumb. I am traumatized."

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This is not the only incident of contaminated food delivery from an app. Recently, a man claimed to have found a live worm in an orange ordered through Zepto. The customer had also posted a video of the worm moving inside the orange. Zepto had responded to the post. Read all about it here.

In another incident, a Pune man reported to have found a chicken piece in veg paneer biryani he had ordered on Zomato from PK Biryani House in Karve Nagar, Pune. Although he managed to get a refund, he said that it hurt his sentiments as he is a vegetarian. Read more about it here