Viral Video: "Ice Cream Dabeli" Angers Foodies, Internet Calls It "Ridiculous"

A viral video showing the making of a dish called "ice cream dabeli" in Bhuj has grabbed many eyeballs online. Check out the reactions below.

Viral Video: 'Ice Cream Dabeli' Angers Foodies, Internet Calls It 'Ridiculous'

(Photo Credit: Instagram/ foodie_addicted_ and sawan_chhanga)

Street food experiments have their pros and cons. Sometimes, they result in unusual yet lip-smacking creations. At other times, they give birth to bizarre fusions that make us lose our appetite. Many of us are no strangers to the idea of strange food combinations. One of the latest ones taking the internet by storm is called "ice cream dabeli". If you think it combines the savoury filling of dabeli with sweet ice cream, you're wrong. This is something else altogether.

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In the Instagram reel, we see a person emptying an ice cream cup into a split pav. After closing the bread bun, he transfers it to a tawa. He melts and spreads butter on the tawa. He then cooks the stuffed pav on both sides in the butter. He seasons the bread with an unidentified ingredient from what looks to be a salt-and-pepper shaker. He then cuts the pav in half and places it on a paper plate to be served. As per the caption, this unusual bread treat can be found at Kutchi Bites, Hospital Road, Bhuj. Watch the complete video here:

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The reel has received more than 410K views so far. In the comments, most Instagram users were against the concept of this "ice cream dabeli". Several felt that calling it a "dabeli" was highly misleading in the first place. Read some of the reactions below:

"Chill Dabeli has no Chills."

"God gifted talent (Give it back to God)."

"First time I am not proud to call myself Kutchi."

"Add some cheese."

"Why are you calling it dabeli? It's pav ice cream. Ridiculous."

"This is NOT a dabeli. Just a fried pav with ice cream inside. Dabeli ka naam kharab mat karo [Don't spoil the name of dabeli]!"

"Maggi ke bad ab dabeli ki bari [After Maggi, it's dabeli's turn]."

What is your opinion of this viral video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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