Viral: Indian Restaurant Lets Minneapolis People Try Pani Puri, Leaves Them "Speechless"

The viral videos capture the reactions of locals as they taste the popular Indian street food.

Viral: Indian Restaurant Lets Minneapolis People Try Pani Puri, Leaves Them 'Speechless'

The makeshift stall gave free sample of pani puri.

Pani puri has long held a cherished place in the hearts and palates of millions across India. With its irresistible combination of crispy puris, tangy chutney, spicy water, and savoury potato and chickpea filling, this beloved street food has been a staple of roadside vendors and bustling marketplaces for generations. However, in recent years, pani puri has transcended its cultural roots to captivate taste buds far beyond the borders of India. Pani puri's explosion onto the global culinary scene proves its universal appeal. Two videos making rounds online have everyone talking about a fun food adventure in Minneapolis. The video showcases the reactions of locals in Minneapolis after indulging in the beloved Indian street food, pani puri.

Curry Corner, a restaurant in Minneapolis, set up a pani puri stall outside.  In the videos, you can see the stall attendant inviting people to try pani puri. He explains that it's Indian street food and encourages them to give it a go. One person even asked if they had to eat the whole thing at once! People were eager to try it, and most of them loved it. They said it was "refreshing" and "delicious".
Racking up 4 million views, the clips capture their reactions as they taste this popular Indian street food.

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The 1st part of the video had the caption: "We took the most popular Indian street food to Minneapolis streets."

The caption of the second video read: "They were left SPEECHLESS. Come by Curry Corner in Minneapolis for Dine in or Take out," read the caption of the video.

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Here are some of the reactions left on the videos:

"Man I stopped at an Indian spot in Chicago one day and tried pani puri for the first time and started crying tears of happiness."
"Until you eat 20+ pani puris breathlessly with tears streaming down your face in a row, you haven't known the truth of eating pani puri."
"Panipuri is true Love."
"Man, in this day and age, you all are doing a great service to Indian food!"
"Pani Puri can make anyone speechless."
"Yo!! The whole world would definitely love Pani Puri."

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