Internet Is Divided Over This Banana Filled With Jam And Chocolate, Sold At Surat Street Food Stall

An Instagram user has shared a viral video of a food cart in Gujarat's Surat that is selling bananas filled with sweet treats.

Internet Is Divided Over This Banana Filled With Jam And Chocolate, Sold At Surat Street Food Stall

The video of the unique banana street food was shared on Instagram.

The internet is brimming with bizarre food combinations, such as masala jalebi, chocolate Maggi, watermelon pizza, and pasta biryani. Now, there's a new addition to this category - chocolate and strawberry jam-filled bananas. Yes, you read that correctly. In a video circulating on Instagram, a food cart in Gujarat's Surat can be seen selling these sweet treats. The clip begins with the vendor slicing off the banana's end and making a hole in it without peeling it. Next, he fills the chocolate syrup into a syringe machine, which injects the syrup into the banana. Finally, he wraps the banana in a tissue paper and serves it to the customer. This unique creation is sold for Rs 60.

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In addition to chocolate and strawberry jam-filled bananas, the vendor also offers strawberries covered in chocolate sauce, hot chocolate, banana peanut butter delight (which includes a banana filled with peanut butter), and more.

"Banana chocolate with jam food in Surat," reads the caption of the video.

This food experiment received mixed reactions from the internet. While many expressed their desire to try this dish, a few weren't happy with the price of the dish.

A comment read, "Mujhe try karna hai yr. [I want to try this]."

Some criticised the price writing, "Bhai 60 rupees mein pura darzun kela aajayega. [One can buy a dozen bananas for 60 rupees.] "

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Another joked, "Kele ko famous kar diya. [He popularised the bananas]."

"Bhai ab bndh kro tumlog pehle strawberry ko chocolate me dal dal kar sabki band baja rhe the ab kele ko bhi nhi chhoda... pehle cheese badnaam hui ab chocolate ko kar rhe hai...har chiz me cheese add krke mann se hi nikal diya, now it's time for chocolate. [Please stop this. First, you experimented by adding chocolate to strawberries. Now, you have not spared bananas. Earlier, you defamed cheese by putting it in everything. Now it is chocolate's turn]." read a comment.

Would you like to try this dish?