Video Showing Unique Concept Of 'Tiramisu Drawer' Gets Over 20 Million Views

In a new viral video, we could see the unique concept of 'Tiramisu drawer' which has piqued the internet's curiousity.

Video Showing Unique Concept Of 'Tiramisu Drawer' Gets Over 20 Million Views

This interesting concept of tiramisu in a drawer has intrigued the internet.

No matter what cuisine we are eating, we like to end our meal with something sweet. Be it a hearty gulab jamun or a scrumptious cheesecake, there are a variety of desserts to be found at every restaurant. Have you ever wondered how restaurants prepare the desserts so quickly and serve them up in a matter of minutes? A new viral video may shed some light on this. In a clip shared on Instagram reels, the concept of a 'tiramisu drawer' was shown to viewers. The interesting idea piqued the curiousity of internet users and rightly so. Take a look:

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The video was shared on Instagram reels by a popular restaurant in Manchester named Onda Pasta Bar. In a short span of time, the video has received over 20.9 million views and 588k likes. In the viral clip of the tiramisu drawer, we could see how there was an entire storage drawer dedicated to the popular Italian dessert. The restaurant staff member scooping out a generous portion and placing it in a plate. Thus, the hassle-free dessert was ready in an instant and could be devoured instantly.

"We've got a tiramisu drawer so we can scoop to order when it's busy in service. People seem pretty keen on having one in their bedside table, we're looking into it," wrote the restaurant in the caption. A flurry of comments and reactions poured into the video as people were quite appreciative of the idea of tiramisu drawer. "I need a tiramisu drawer," said one user. "I didn't know that somebody was supposed to be coming by refilling my drawers with tiramisu, but now I'm very angry that they've apparently been missing my house," said another user.