This Hyderabad Restaurant Makes Ice Apple Biryani, Internet Looks Unimpressed

The ice apple biryani in no time grabbed all the attention on the internet. But people were not impressed with the dish.

This Hyderabad Restaurant Makes Ice Apple Biryani, Internet Looks Unimpressed

Ice apple curry was also introduced in menu (Photo Credit: Instagram/@hyderabadbucketlist)

If you thought you have seen enough of biryani experimentations, then dear reader, you are absolutely mistaken. Internet never fails to surprise you with unique content featuring people creating unique recipes in different parts of India and abroad. And it won't be an exageration to say that biryani is one of the most popular dishes people experiment with. By now, we have seen videos of chocolate biryani, strawberry biryani, gondhoraj biryani and many more. Adding to the list, comes Hyderabad's ice apple biryani. You heard us!

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We recently came across a video on Instagram, where an eatery in Hyderabad is seen selling summer special biryani, adding ice apple (tadgola) to it. The restaurant, named Maryada Ramanna, situated in Hyderabad's HiTech City, also introduced an ice apple curry to their menu, along with the biryani. A reel featuring these dishes was uploaded by the Instagram handle 'hyderabadbucketlist', and in no time, it grabbed all the attention on social media. But people were not seemed to be impressed with the dish.

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The video has garnered 744k views till now. Instagram users took to the comments section to react to this ice apple biryani experiment.

A person commented, "The best way to eat ice apple is - having it as is. By boiling, the fruit will lose its uniqueness."

Another person wrote, "Just because something can be made, should not be made. Some things should be left untouched."

A third comment read, "Ice apple is good for health not biryani... nature has given all the possible good food. Cooking them is our foolishness."

A comment further read, "It's like for one cashew ordering and eating a plate haleem."

What are your views on this unique (read: bizarre) ice apple biryani from Hyderabad? Would you ever want to give it a try? Share your thoughts in the comments below.