Tandoori Roti In A Toaster?! Try This Simple Recipe And Prepare To Be Amazed

Tandoori Roti Recipe: Do you wish to make restaurant-style tandoori roti at home? Here's an easy recipe that shows how to make it in a toaster under 5 minutes.

Tandoori Roti In A Toaster?! Try This Simple Recipe And Prepare To Be Amazed

Tandoori roti is loved for its soft interior and crispy exterior. (Photo Credit: iStock)

Indian breads come in endless varieties. Whether it's a simple or an indulgent version, they make for the perfect accompaniment to our curries and sabzis. Without them, there would be a missing element in our meals. If you prefer something light, a tandoori roti would probably be your preferred choice. This roti is quite similar to regular roti, but slightly thicker in texture and cooked in a tandoor. The fact that it is cooked in a tandoor makes it one of those recipes that we usually avoid making at home. In case you weren't aware, a tandoor is a large vessel-shaped oven, and having it at home may not be practical. Does this mean you should resort to ordering tandoori roti from outside? Absolutely not! We recently came across a recipe that makes the impossible possible. Let's introduce you to a tandoori roti recipe that is cooked in a toaster instead of the traditional tandoor. Surprised? Check out the recipe below and prepare to be amazed: 
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How Long Does It Take To Cook Tandoori Roti In A Toaster?

You can make tandoori roti in your toaster in just under 2 minutes. Yes, you heard that! The process is incredibly simple, and you won't even notice when it's ready. However, the roti needs to be half-cooked on a tawa for a few minutes before adding it to the toaster. This adds another 2-3 minutes to the total cooking time. Overall, it won't take you more than five minutes to make this roti.

Does This Roti Offer A Similar Texture To Regular Tandoori Roti?

Tandoori roti is loved for its soft interior and crispy exterior. This recipe guarantees similar results and is sure to leave you impressed. However, the only difference that you might notice is the lack of that distinct tandoori flavour. Apart from this, this recipe for tandoori roti in a toaster is quite mind-blowing and a must-try.

How To Make Tandoori Roti In A Toaster | Easy Tandoori Roti Recipe

Chef Neha Deepak Shah shared an easy recipe for tandoori roti on her official Instagram page. To make it, roll out your roti as you normally would. Next, heat a tawa on a low-medium flame and cook the roti for a few seconds. Flip and cook on the other side. Once done, transfer it to your toaster and set the timer. After a few minutes, you'll notice the roti puffing up by itself. Take it out, spread some butter or ghee on top, and serve hot! 
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Watch the detailed recipe video here:

Try out this easy tandoori roti recipe at home and share your experience with us in the comments below. Happy Cooking!