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Peas For Weight Loss: 3 Reasons How Matar Could Help You Lose Weight

Weight Loss: Adding peas to your diet could also help you shed a pound or two. Here's how.

Peas For Weight Loss: 3 Reasons How Matar Could Help You Lose Weight

Most of us have viewed peas as something you use to pep up you pulaos or curries, but the truth is that these green edible pods are super healthy addition to any diet. The sweet and earthy legume has an impressive nutritive profile. Enriched with vitamin K, manganese and vitamin C, peas are an excellent addition to any healthy diet. Peas are also packed with iron, that helps prevent anaemia and boost energy. It is also a good source of folate and trace elements. Including peas in your diet could naturally rev up your immunity levels too because of its high vitamin C content. According to the book, 'Healing Foods' by DK Publishing House, a single serving of peas or snow peas could supply half your daily needs of the vitamin. The lutein present in peas may also help boost your vision. Peas are also said to be very effective in strengthening sperm motility and count. Adding peas to your diet could also help you shed a pound or two. Here's how:

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How Do Peas Help In Weight Loss: 


1. High In Fibre: Peas are rich with insoluble fibres. Fibres take long to breakdown and digest and induce the feeling of satiety; if you feel full, you are less likely to binge soon after. 

2. High In Proteins: Peas serve as an excellent vegan source of protein. Vegetarians often face a dearth of choice when it comes to protein sources. Hundred grams of this mushy legume contains about five grams of protein, which makes it an excellent source of plant-based protein. 

3. Low Fat Content: One whole cooked cup of peas contains less than 0.5 grams of fat. The low-fat legume can be used to make many filling and low-calorie preparations. 

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Weight loss diet tips: Peas are rich with insoluble fibres

Since they are so effective in weight loss, you can use peas to pump up the nutritional content of any heavy dish. For instance, instead of making your pasta more greasy and fattening by using chunks of sausages and bits of bacon, you can throw in a cup of boiled peas. Doing so would not only save you the calories but also make the dish more filling. 


According to experts, you should not cook peas too much as it may hamper its natural nutritive content. You can eat them raw fresh out of pods, but make sure you wash them and check for adulteration. Peas also add a nice balance to salads and stir-fries. 

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