"Love The Sound..." - This Viral Aloo Pyaaz Pakode Recipe Video Has 81 Million Views

A video showing a person preparing aloo pyaaz ke pakode has gone viral. But it's not the food that has attracted most people's attention.

'Love The Sound...' - This Viral Aloo Pyaaz Pakode Recipe Video Has 81 Million Views

A video showing the making of aloo pyaaz pakora has gone viral for a unique reason.

Recipe videos may go viral for one or several reasons. They often grab eyeballs because of their bizarreness or ingenuity. These clips may showcase unconventional combinations, techniques, ingredients and/or presentation styles. Other videos may grab attention because of the personality or public stature of people cooking the dish. But there's a recipe video currently making the rounds online that seems to have gone viral for a completely different reason: the sounds audible throughout the preparation of the dish. Find out more about it below.

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In the reel shared on the page @indian_asmr_world, a person is seen making aloo pyaaz ke pakode [potato and onion pakoras]. We see them neatly chopping and slicing onions, potatoes, chillies and coriander leaves. These ingredients are then mixed with curry leaves, besan, rice flour, ginger garlic paste and spice masalas. All the ingredients are combined thoroughly by hand. The person then takes small portions of the mixture and deep-fries them until golden brown and crisp. Once done, the pakoras are removed from the hot oil and arranged on a plate. A bowl of some type of red chutney is also kept at the side. The caption reads, "Aloo Pyaaj Ke Pakode ASMR Cooking," followed by a list of ingredients and their exact quantities. Watch the full video below and remember to keep the sound on to understand why the Internet is so fascinated with it:

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Although the reel was first posted in July, it has continued to attract a lot of interest online. The video has received more than 81 million views so far, along with 3.5 million likes and thousands of comments. Many Instagram users seem to have liked the sounds of the video. Several people have also compared it to the sounds of popular mobile games. Read some of the reactions below:

"Mujhe toh recipe se zyada sound mast laga. [I liked the sound more than the recipe.]"
"It is not a cooking channel; it is a music channel."
"Mujhe temple run yaad aa gaya. [It reminded me of Temple Run (a mobile game).]"
"Temple run sound."
"Subway surfers sound, who noticed?"
"Love the sound... that's why I like this."
"I watched it for the sound."
"Sound is superb."
"That spoon noise is so satisfying."

As mentioned in the caption, the reel claims to be an ASMR video. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. The Cambridge English Dictionary defines it as "a pleasant tingling feeling that some people experience on their skin, especially on the head and neck, especially when they hear certain soft sounds such as whispering or brushing."

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