"How To Work Now?" Asks Farah Khan After Her Amritsari Indulgence

Farah Khan Kunder recently savoured some yummy delicacies in Amritsar. Find out what she had to say about them.

'How To Work Now?' Asks Farah Khan After Her Amritsari Indulgence

Farah Khan Kunder recently indulged in tasty treats in Amritsar. (Photo: Instagram/farahkhankunder)

Farah Khan is known to take comfort in Indian food. She often shares glimpses of her mouth-watering indulgences and unique desi habits. When she visited Amritsar recently, she did not fail to sample some of the city's gastronomic delights. Wondering what she relished? She first dug into a savoury combination that is extremely popular in North India: chole bhature. In the short clip shared on Instagram, Farah is seen 'popping' the deep-fried bhatura with her fingers. The steam escaping from it indicates just how deliciously hot and fresh it is. Here's a screengrab from the video:

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In the next Instagram story, Farah is seen enjoying good old Amritsari lassi. She lauded the people at the famous Giani lassi shop for their hospitality, mentioning that they refused to take money from her. Take a look at the screengrab below:

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Farah got to experience first-hand just how creamy and thick the lassi was. She wrote, "I swear you can't drink this lassi... you have to eat it". After enjoying such hearty treats, she wondered, "How to work now?" Relatable, isn't it? Even we would find it hard to concentrate after such a satisfying meal!

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Before this, Farah's foodie adventures left us drooling when she gave us a sneak peek at her Sunday thali. The lip-smacking platter featured bhindi ki sabzi, aloo matar, yellow dal, paneer bhurji, karela sabzi, dahi, kheer, rotis, puri, chutney, papads, and salad, accompanied by a glass of chaas. We told you Farah loves desi food, didn't we? Check out the full story here.

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