Board Exams Special: 5 Healthy Tips and Tricks To Ace The Exam

The biggest blunder you might be committing in your board exam 2018 preparation is neglecting food.

Board Exams Special: 5 Healthy Tips and Tricks To Ace The Exam
The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will conduct its Class X and Class XII annual board examination from 5 March. The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) will hold Class XII (ISC) and Class X (ICSE) board exams from 7 February and 26 February respectively. With the release of datesheet, students all over the country are leaving no stones unturned to make sure their final revision is on point. In these final crucial hours, students often forget to tend to their health, which is the worst possible thing that you can to yourself at this point. Here's a little secret for all those who have been cramming day and night, the last minute ruffling through the pages won't help anyway. And if your brain isn't getting the proper rest it deserves, there is a strong possibility of you could retain nothing substantial during the actual examination. Sounds scary? Trust us, it is not as much as you are making it to be. Here are some easy tips and tricks that you can follow to beat stress and follow a healthy diet in these last crucial hours. With the pressure mounting each day, the biggest blunder you might be committing is neglecting food. Regular intake of food is not only essential for healthy mind and body balance, but a good diet can also help you strengthen your concentration power.

1. Avoid junk food, it tends to slow you down, apart from inducing several other health consequences.

2. Eat plenty of green vegetables and dry fruits. Fish, sprouted grains, fresh fruits also help in releasing tension and focus better.

3. Avoid heavy dinner. You can have a heavy lunch, but a heavy dinner can be a little too much for the child's digestive system, says Dr. Ritika Samaddar, Dietics, Max Hospital. Keep eating in short intervals, this would ensure child has enough fuel for the entire day as he/she does her revision.

4. Load up on nuts like almonds and walnuts.  Omega 3 fatty acids - found in most nuts and seeds - are also very good for the brain, and a handful of it should be consumed on a daily basis.

5. Keeping yourself hydrated is most essential in these times of stress to ensure your energy rates from dipping. Keep drinking water throughout your revision. Avoid coffee, excess coffee can leave you dehydrated . You can opt for tea or green tea for better alternative. Fluids aid mental alertness, concentration and preventing headaches, so make sure your diet is full of food that is high on water content . Coconut water, lassi, buttermilk, chaas, juices and soups are other fluids you can incorporate in your diet.

In addition to these diet tips, one can also engage in calming activities like meditation, and yoga. Make sure you also take breaks in between your revision. Your brain anyway is going to reach a saturation point in about two to three hours of constant study. To ensure your brain is able to absorb and process new information, you need to give yourself breaks regularly. 
Here's wishing all the luck and best wishes to the board aspirants of 2018! 


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