Aamras Tops Global List Of 'Best Dishes With Mango' By Taste Atlas

Two Indian delicacies were featured on Taste Atlas's list of '10 Best Dishes With Mango'. Aamras was ranked no. 1 overall.

Aamras Tops Global List Of 'Best Dishes With Mango' By Taste Atlas

Two Indian mango dishes were ranked among the top 10 worldwide (Photo Credit: iStock)

For many Indians, summer is synonymous with mangoes and mango-based dishes. This seasonal fruit, which has many varieties in the country, is among the most versatile and beloved. You can find Indian recipes that use mangoes in a wide variety of sweet and savoury treats. Recently, India's mango delicacies received recognition on the global stage. Two of them were featured on Taste Atlas' list of the '10 Best Dishes with Mango', as per the guide's June 2024 rankings. One of the desi delights was even ranked no. 1 overall!

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The list topper is none other than the humble and scrumptious Aamras. This delicacy is especially famous in the western states of India such as Maharashtra and Gujarat. Aamras is mildly sweetened mango pulp, often paired with puris. Taste Atlas writes, "It is sometimes merely elevated with the addition of saffron, dry ginger, or cardamom, but its simplicity allows room for alteration and the creation of numerous varieties."

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Indian Mango Chutney has been ranked 5th on the list. As the name suggests, the base ingredient for this delicacy is ripe mango. "Other ingredients include ginger, garlic, red chilli peppers, cumin, coriander, turmeric, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, brown sugar, and vinegar. There's quite a few mango chutney variations made with different additional ingredients," Taste Atlas explained on its official site.

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Mango Sticky Rice from Thailand was placed 2nd on the list. To know more, take a look below:

Before this, Mango Chutney was also featured among Taste Atlas's ranking of the '50 Best Dips in the World'. Wondering which other Indian favourite made it to the list? Click here to read the full story.

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