Stranger On Facebook Steps Up To Donate Kidney To US Man Facing Cancer

Chase Cooper, a Kentucky man battling stage 4 renal cell cancer, urgently needed a kidney transplant.

Stranger On Facebook Steps Up To Donate Kidney To US Man Facing Cancer

A stranger steps forward to donate a kidney to Chase Cooper, who is battling cancer.

Chase Cooper, a Kentucky man and father of two, was diagnosed with stage 4 renal cell cancer last year. Doctors informed him that he would need a kidney transplant. Determined to save her husband's life, Kaila Cooper, Chase's wife, shared a post on Facebook seeking a kidney donor, according to The New York Post.

The post reached Hanna Durbin, a complete stranger to the Coopers. Durbin had already begun the process to see if she was a match before contacting the family as per the news story. After tests revealed she was a match, Durbin informed the Coopers of the good news. The process was lengthy and difficult, but Durbin was ultimately able to donate her kidney to Chase Cooper.

"We were told prior to him starting this that typically, people wait two to five years before they receive an organ," Chase's wife, Kaila Cooper, told WKYT. "In his case, we didn't end up having that much time."

"We put a post out, and it was shared so many times," she explained.

As per the news portal, with the original transplant date set for December 6, the family found out only days prior that Durbin and Chase Cooper were no longer compatible "due to newly developed antibodies in Chase's system," Kaila Cooper shared in an update on Facebook.

"When we were told Hanna and Chase were no longer compatible, we were all truly devastated. Being just a few short days away from such a life-changing procedure, just to have the rug yanked out from under us-there are no words," she wrote in the post.

"But in those moments of sadness and confusion, Hanna instantly said, 'I'll do anything I can to help. I know the good Lord has placed this on my heart for a reason.'"