This Article is From Mar 31, 2023

Rihanna's Driver's Audi Worth Over Rs 30 Lakh Stolen From Her US Home

For two weeks in a row, Rihanna's house has been in the news-but not for the right reasons.

Rihanna's Driver's Audi Worth Over Rs 30 Lakh Stolen From Her US Home

The home of Rihanna, a Barbadian singer and actress, has been in the news again for another wrong reason. A car belonging to the driver of the famous singer has been stolen from her Beverly Hills mansion.

The law enforcement officers said that the driver left the car engine running while leaving it outside the house and went inside to get something, when he returned, the vehicle had been stolen. The car was a 2012 Audi sedan that was worth around Rs 30,38,442 ($37,000).

According to a TMZ report, the driver believes someone just jumped in and took off with it immediately when he went inside the house. It's unclear if Rihanna was home at the time of the incident.

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This was the second time in a week that Rihanna's Beverly Hills home became the focus of a significant police operation. A few days ago, an unidentified man who had travelled from South Carolina to Los Angeles was arrested for trespassing on her property around 12.30pm. He travelled the long distance just to propose to the R&B star before his plans were squashed by her security staff.

The cops were called by the on-site security personnel. The man was taken from the property in handcuffs. He was taken into custody by law enforcement for a while before they released him because he had not broken any laws. He was warned not to commit the offence again. It's unclear whether Rihanna, her boyfriend A$AP Rocky, or their one-year-old son were at home at the time of the incident.