This Article is From Mar 24, 2023

Police Called To Rihanna's Home In Los Angeles After Man Shows Up To Propose

On Thursday night, after a man arrived with the intention of proposing to Rihanna, police were called to her Beverly Hills residence.

Police Called To Rihanna's Home In Los Angeles After Man Shows Up To Propose

The home of Rihanna became the focus of some serious police activity.

Rihanna, a Barbadian singer and actress, has a significant fan base that spans the globe. But, her fame caused her some problems on Thursday when a man walked up wanting to ask for her hand in marriage and her Beverly Hills home became the focus of a significant police operation.

According to TMZ, the unidentified man, who had travelled from South Carolina to Los Angeles, was arrested for trespassing on her property around 12.30pm.

He travelled the long distance just to propose to the R&B star before his plans were squashed by her security staff.

The cops had been called by the on-site security personnel. The man was taken from the property in handcuffs. He was taken into custody by law enforcement for a while before they released him because he had not broken any laws. He was warned not to do the offence again.

It's unclear whether Rihanna, her boyfriend A$AP Rocky, or their one-year-old son were at home at the time of the incident.

This was not the first time someone attempted to break into the Grammy winner's home. A man named Eduardo Leon was arrested in 2018 after allegedly breaking into her Hollywood Hills home and waiting for more than 12 hours.

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