Joe Biden Appears Motionless During White House Juneteenth Celebration

In a video clip, the US president appeared motionless for over 20 seconds.

Joe Biden Appears Motionless During White House Juneteenth Celebration

This incident occurred before Mr Biden's speech at the event

A video of US President Joe Biden has surfaced on the internet, showing him standing motionless during a Juneteenth event. The footage, shared on X by Dom Lucre, shows Mr Biden standing still at the event. At the same time, others around him, including Vice President Kamala Harris, dance to music playing.

In a video clip, the president appeared motionless for over 20 seconds. Philonise Floyd, brother of George Floyd, who was standing beside him, seemed to notice the pause and offered a supportive arm around the president's shoulder. This incident occurred before Mr Biden's speech at the event, where some observers noted he seemed to slur his words.

See the video here:

Last week, the Wall Street Journal published a bombshell report claiming that Mr. Biden's cognitive decline has become apparent to many high-ranking officials recently.

The White House has defended the 81-year-old president, asserting he remains a top leader, while critics argue that most sources in the Wall Street Journal report are primarily Republicans.

Biden's age is a significant issue as he seeks a second term that could extend his presidency until he is 86. He has stated that his memory is "fine."

The White House celebrated the upcoming Juneteenth holiday on June 19 with performances by Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle on Monday.

During the event, the Democratic president warned that some "old ghosts" in new disguises, a subtle jab at some Republican rivals, aim to restrict freedoms by making it harder for Black Americans to vote.

This year's concert occurred as the presidential election heats up, with Black voters poised to play a crucial role. Biden secured 91% of Black voters in 2020, according to AP VoteCast.

Former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, claims that more Black voters are now supporting him. Although Black Americans have consistently voted Democratic, minor shifts in political loyalties or low turnout in key states could influence the November election outcome.

The Juneteenth concert had clear political overtones, with emcee Roy Wood Jr., a comedian and actor, highlighting policy achievements by the Biden administration, such as capping insulin prices and forgiving student debt.

In 2021, Biden signed a law making June 19, or Juneteenth, a federal holiday. It commemorates the day in 1865 when the last enslaved people in the United States learned of their freedom, more than two years after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed slaves in the Confederacy during the Civil War.