This Article is From Mar 08, 2023

"Enjoy Your Colourful Hair": Indian Twitter Users Tell English Cricketer Heather Knight Not To Wash Her Blonde Hair

After engaging in some Holi festivities with her Women's Premier League family, England cricketer Heather Knight found herself in serious trouble.

'Enjoy Your Colourful Hair': Indian Twitter Users Tell English Cricketer Heather Knight Not To Wash Her Blonde Hair

English cricketer Heather Knight enjoyed Holi with Indian cricketers.

Holi fervour has gripped India and Indians living anywhere else in the world for the last two days. This festival's primary components include festivities, treats, socialising, and playing with colour. And many do believe that without splashing colour on one another, Holi would not exist.

This year's Holi has become special for Indian cricket lovers because, on the one hand, the male Australian cricket team is in India and they are also enjoying this festival of colours, and on the other hand, the Women's Premier League (WPL) has brought together female cricket players from all over the world to take part in the joyous celebration of Holi.

The captain of the England women's cricket team, Heather Knight, took part in this event and was covered in colour along with all the other foreign cricketers who were playing in India. But the fallout from this celebration has presented a challenge for her friend. She tweeted about this and received a number of humorous responses.

Knight, a top-order batsman, asked her 75,000 followers how to clean their blonde hair after playing Holi. Taking this to Twitter, she wrote, "Anyone know how to get pink Holi powder out of blonde hair? Asking for a friend...".

This post received around 25,000 likes and over 600 retweets. Her followers began responding in a humorous way as soon as she posed this query.

One user commented that "It would take months. Speaking from my own experience. My highlights had gone pink after holi. Know and enjoy your colourful hair."

A number of her cricketing friends offered some humorous suggestions, like Indian cricketer Sushma Verma's suggestion that she colour her hair black or blonde. Shaving the head was recommended by a British cricketer.

However, some individuals offered some helpful solutions for removing the hair colour and rescuing the English cricketer from her situation.