"Pinned Me Down, Spat In My Face": 'Bridgerton' Actor Says Ex Abused Her

"I know I joke a lot, but this was not funny and ultimately nearly killed me," Ms Barker said.

'Pinned Me Down, Spat In My Face': 'Bridgerton' Actor Says Ex Abused Her

Ruby Barker was admitted to a hospital at the end of 2023.

Ruby Barker, known for her role as Marina in the popular series 'Bridgerton' recently shared a very personal and heartbreaking incident with her Instagram supporters. She described the horror of an abusive relationship she was in, which led to her being admitted to a hospital at the end of 2023. "What happens behind closed doors. Nobodies daughter or son deserves this. My father died and my mum out the picture, easy target, I guess," she wrote in the caption of the post.

She stated that she met a man after her father had died in January last year. "I met a man in the pub. I was just back from my Dad's funeral. I had a party at my house. He stayed behind to help me clean up. That's how it began." 

Ms Barker added that things became violent in their relationship. "Eventually this man was throwing things at me, threatening to punch me, jamming him fingers into my heart space whilst using his knees to pin me down. Spitting in my face. Standing over the bath I'd beg him for my grief and Mental Health whilst on the phone to my oldest friend and taking out his penis to urinate, before laughing at my disgust, shock and sadness, turning to go in the toilet," she continued. 

The 'Baghead' actor also stated that her ex-boyfriend would physically and emotionally abuse her. She wrote in the post, "He would withhold intimacy, shame me and be unfaithful. He put his hands around my throat multiple times. So much so, that when he ran at me and did it, I didn't flinch anymore. Holding a pillow over my face and whispering 'think of the first night we met' in my ear. I wonder if he found it funny when I was scared and playing along with his 'jokes'."

"It's starts as joke. This is how This is how predators gear up to kill you one day. His family enable him and so do every single one of his so called 'friends'. If he has a cocaine problem and/or moves in any of these ways, get out. I know I joke a lot, but this was not funny and ultimately nearly killed me. I was so confused and ultimately all I wanted was my Dad back. But he wasn't coming back to hit me with some wisdom," she added.

Ms Barker said that she sought help from police and they also checked on her timely. She concluded the post saying, "I didn't want to press charges. Refuge helped me understand what the cycle of abuse was and what it looks like. He knows. I know. Now you know too. I've exploited his skills for my own gain, he exploited my kindness and generosity for sadism. And he calls me crazy."

Ms Barker said in 2022 that she had been admitted to a hospital due to mental health issues. She said that she had "all this intergenerational trauma bundled up" inside of her and that's why she had been "unwell for a really long time"

She also criticised Netflix and Shondaland in 2023, voicing her displeasure with the little assistance she received during her two psychotic episodes in 2019 and 2022 while filming 'Bridgerton'.