This Article is From Feb 04, 2023

43-Year-Overdue Book Returned To Virginia Library's Drop Box

The Grissom Library branch's workers recently discovered something "very peculiar" in the facility's book return box.

43-Year-Overdue Book Returned To Virginia Library's Drop Box

After nearly 43 years, an overdue book was returned to a Virginia library.

An American library has recently said that a person has anonymously returned a book that has been overdue for 43 years to their drop box.

In an Instagram post, the Newport News Public Library wrote that "the Grissom Library's staff had a most unusual book returned in their book drop."

"The book was due on March 23, 1980! We believe this is a new record for a late returned book for the Newport News Public Library."

"We do not have checkout records that go back that far, so the mystery returner will just receive our thanks."

It was discovered that the A.J.P. Taylor book, How Wars Begin, was past due on March 23, 1980.

This is not the first time an overdue book has been returned in recent years. There have been a lot of headline-grabbing tales like this in recent months.

Last month A British library's staff was taken off guard when a guy showed up to return a book that was due in 1964. A 76-year-old pensioner named David Hickman returned the overdue library book 58 years late after accruing a staggering 42,340 pounds in late fees. Mr. Hickman was just 17 when he borrowed "The Law for Motorists" in 1964.

In May of last year, a book that had been overdue at a library in Oklahoma, United States, was returned after more than four decades. The Owasso Library posted a copy of "Annie, Annie," thanking the local who returned it 46 years after the book was checked out.

"Thank you to whoever returned this copy of Annie Annie to us! According to the inside pocket, this book was due back at the Central Library on September 8, 1976."

"Only 46 years overdue!" the library said in its Facebook post.