When Zeenat Aman Had "Deep Conversations" With Sons About "Men, Women And The Ways Of The World"

Zeenat Aman will be next seen in Bun Tikki alongside Shabana Azmi and Abhay Deol

When Zeenat Aman Had 'Deep Conversations' With Sons About 'Men, Women And The Ways Of The World'

Zeenat Aman shared this image. (courtesy: ZeenatAman)

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Zeenat Aman's latest Instagram entry deserves your undivided attention. The veteran actress shared a throwback picture featuring herself with her sons, Zahaan and Azaan Khan. In the snapshot, a young Zeenat is seen sitting with her beloved sons nestled in her lap. Accompanying the picture is a detailed caption where Zeenat reflects on the challenges her sons faced while growing up in the shadow of her fame. She wrote, “I'm much too jaded to imagine a perfect world, but I'm also enough of a dreamer to believe that it can get better. It couldn't have been easy growing up as my sons. Though I had stepped away from the limelight by the time they were in school, they weren't immune to the occasional crude comment, vulgar question or salacious news article about me.”

Sharing an incident from her kids' childhood, Zeenat Aman added, “It was late afternoon in Bandra in the 90s. The boys were playing at the entrance of the building with the neighbourhood kids. I wasn't expecting them back for a few hours, but suddenly the door flew open and one seething son stormed into the house. I looked on puzzled as he jammed his helmet onto his head, strapped on his batting pads, and picked up his cricket bat. He brandished said bat and sombrely informed me that he was going to avenge my honour. You see, one of his playmates had used some particularly colourful vocabulary to describe me.”

She continued: “If he hadn't been so distraught I would have laughed, but his indignation touched me. I stopped him from unleashing his anger on his friends of course. And that night I had the first of many deep conversations with my sons about men, women and the ways of the world.”

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Zeenat Aman often shares stories from her sons' childhood with her Instagram family. Earlier, the star posted about an incident, where Zahaan embarrassed her during a Mauritius vacation. She wrote, “The year was 1995 and we were off on a family holiday to Mauritius. I had been invited as a state guest to attend an event, and had decided to make the most of my visit by taking the boys along and extending our stay. It was a summer holiday par excellence. The resort was plush, the food was delicious, the waters were crystal clear, and the boys ran amuck. They spent the better part of each day in the swimming pool, and sure enough, by day five Azaan picked up an ear infection.”

“Fortunately, there was a pristine white infirmary, with a little waiting room and a clinic, attached to the resort. Since I didn't have a nanny, 5-year-old Zahaan had to tag along with us to his older brother's doctor's appointment. I left him seated in the waiting room with a colouring book to keep him busy, while I accompanied Azaan in to see the doctor,” Zeenat Aman added.

She expressed, “We couldn't have been gone for more than 20 minutes. It was a relatively minor issue, and the lovely, rather serious doctor, attended to it swiftly. So, imagine our surprise when we re-entered the waiting room to find that Zahaan had taken it upon himself to do a little redecorating. He had discovered the clinic's stamp and an ink pad at the vacant receptionist's desk and had proceeded to furiously stamp the spotless walls of the waiting room!”

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On the work, Zeenat Aman will be next seen in Bun Tikki alongside Shabana Azmi and Abhay Deol.