You Won't Believe Who is Trolling Twinkle Khanna and For What

You Won't Believe Who is Trolling Twinkle Khanna and For What

Twinkle photographed at the Mumbai airport with her daughter Nitara.


  • Twinkle's latest tormentor is her daughter, Nitara
  • Nitara trolled Twinkle on her name
  • It seems Nitara has inherited her mother's cutting wit
New Delhi: Twinkle Khanna has held forth in the recent past on the trials of living with her name. She blames her mother, actress Dimple Kapadia, but all is not quiet on a separate family front.

Twinkle's latest tormentor is her three-year-old daughter, Nitara.

You have our sympathies, Twinkle Khanna.

The 42-year-old columnist and author revealed last year that she had been named 'Twinkle' in one of her mother's lifelong attempts to embarrass her. "My other names could have been Sparkle and Sprinkle. We don't ask my mother for names," Twinkle Khanna said that the launch of her book Mrs Funnybones last August.

Nitara, who has clearly inherited her mother's cutting wit, is rarely spotted in her parents' social media mentions. Twinkle and her husband, actor Akshay Kumar, have fiercely guarded the privacy of their two children, little Nitara especially so.

When 'the baby,' as her mother calls her, does appear on Twitter or Instagram, it is in a moment like this.

Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar married in 2001 and are also parents to teenaged son Aarav.