Vidya Balan's "Favourite Weekend Hangout" Is... Wait For It... Her Closet

Vidya Balan poses in a yellow shirt pant set in front of her closet mirror in the latest post.

Vidya Balan's 'Favourite Weekend Hangout' Is... Wait For It... Her Closet

Vidya Balan shared this photo (courtesy balanvidya)


  • Vidya Balan shared glimpses of a recent photoshoot
  • She looks stunning in bright yellow in the pics
  • "Favourite weekend hangout: My closet," she captioned her pics
New Delhi:

The weekends are finally here. Got any plans? Well, we don't know about you but actress Vidya Balan has found her weekend getaway. If you thought she was at a fancy restaurant or lounging at a friend's place, you are wrong. Vidya Balan has found peace in her "favourite" place to hang out. It's her closet. The actress, who blows our minds with her stunning sartorial choices on Instagram, says that her favourite place during the weekends is none other than her closet. Vidya Balan poses in a yellow shirt pant set in front of her closet mirror in the latest Instagram post. Her caption read, "Favourite weekend hangout: My closet." She added a yellow heart. 

Actress-model Eesha Agarwal gave a shout out to her by commenting "beautiful". She seems to be vibing with Vidya Balan's bright yellow colour as she dropped yellow heart and sunflower emojis. 

Given the way Vidya Balan decks up herself in gorgeous clothes and accessories, it's not a wonder that she loves her closet so much. The actress can stun us with her array of expressions in front of a camera. She shared a series of pictures filled with funny expressions. Vidya Balan's caption says it all, “When you are done shooting, but your team wants few more shots.”

Vidya Balan makes her own choices, be it in her career or regarding her clothes. No naysayer's comment can bog her down and that's apparent in her photos as well as captions. In one post, Vidya Balan dumps the ethnic wear and poses in tees and joggers. What catches our eyes is her caption, "Gentle is fierce resting." We believe it when Vidya Balan tells us that.

If Vidya Balan isn't posing for the camera, she is having fun with Reels. Here's proof. We caught her in this video, where Vidya Balan tells us when we can next expect to see her "out and about". Her caption says, "When people ask me when I am going to be seen out and about." Vidya Balan's video hints that she won't mind staying cosy in her comfort zone for almost a year before stepping out.

Vidya Balan was last seen in Amit V. Masurkar's Sherni, which was released on Amazon Prime.