SEVENTEEN's S.Coups Exempted From Mandatory Military Service. Here's Why

S.Coups has been undergoing extensive physical rehabilitation since last year

SEVENTEEN's S.Coups Exempted From Mandatory Military Service. Here's Why

S.Coups shared this image. (courtesy: sound_of_coups)

New Delhi:

SEVENTEEN member S.Coups has been granted exemption from military service due to a knee injury sustained last year. On Friday (March 1), S.Coups' agency PLEDIS Entertainment confirmed the news and shared that the idol has been classified as Grade 5. "Following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery and anterolateral ligament reconstruction surgery on his left knee joint due to a rupture, S.Coups has been undergoing extensive physical rehabilitation since last year. As a result, he has been classified as Grade 5," the agency told Koreaboo. For the unversed, in South Korea's conscription system, Grade 5 individuals are exempt from mandatory military service during peacetime but may be called upon for support roles in times of war.

Regarding fellow member Jeonghan, who suffered a left ankle injury, the agency stated, "Despite efforts to continue activities with conservative treatments, Jeonghan's ankle condition worsened during a recent tour, leading to surgery." Both S.Coups and Jeonghan have been recuperating post-surgery and have received clearance from medical professionals to resume activities with caution to avoid strain. They will participate in SEVENTEEN's upcoming activities, including the FOLLOW AGAIN TO INCHEON tour, with adjustments made to prevent exacerbating their injuries. PLEDIS Entertainment expressed gratitude to fans for their support. Regarding SEVENTEEN's comeback, PLEDIS Entertainment stated that official details would be announced later.

The statement read, "We would like to provide an update on SEVENTEEN members S.COUPS and JEONGHAN and their resumption of activities. S.COUPS and JEONGHAN have been receiving post-surgery care since their surgeries for knee and ankle injuries in August and December of last year, respectively. As a result of receiving constant care and taking sufficient rest, both artists have made a noticeable recovery. They have been cleared by medical professionals to resume their scheduled activities as long as they avoid straining their bodies."

"As such, S.COUPS and JEONGHAN will participate in SEVENTEEN's activities starting March, including the SEVENTEEN TOUR 'FOLLOW' AGAIN TO INCHEON, all the while receiving regular medical check-ups. However, the extent to which they participate in certain stages or events may be limited, in order to prevent straining their injured areas. We ask for your generous understanding. We extend our sincere gratitude to the fans for supporting the recovery of S.COUPS and JEONGHAN. The company will continue to place the utmost priority on the health of our artists and do our best to support the artists' recovery, ensuring they can return to their fans in good health," PLEDIS Entertainment concluded.