Rishi Kapoor is Not Ranbir's Mailbox. Get It?

Rishi Kapoor is Not Ranbir's Mailbox. Get It?

This image was posted on Twitter by Rishi Kapoor

New Delhi: Actor Rishi Kapoor began and ended his day on Twitter yesterday by sending out disclaimers about his son Ranbir. Mr Kapoor Senior is tired of being bombarded with messages for social media-abstaining Junior.

Late last night, Mr Kapoor tweeted:

Just in case you didn't get it:

Earlier yesterday, a disgruntled Mr Kapoor issued a reminder a reminder that his son was not on social media. Ranbir Kapoor's closest encounter with Twitter so far has been a promotional appearance in January that was put out like the briefest of candles in just 24 hours. Some fans, it appears, are having trouble with this:

In between Ranbir-related utterances, the 62-year-old actor tweeted (and was tweeted to) about sweaters.

Example of sweater:

Sweaters were discussed threadbare:

Rishi Kapoor was last seen as Sonam Kapoor's father in 2014's Bewakoofiyaan. Ranbir stars in the upcoming period piece Bombay Velvet .