Koi... Mil Gaya Antagonist Rajat Bedi Reveals His Scenes Were Cut: "I Moved To Canada"

Rajat Bedi played the role of Raj Saxena in the film

Koi... Mil Gaya Antagonist Rajat Bedi Reveals His Scenes Were Cut: 'I Moved To Canada'

Hrithik and Rajat Bedi on the sets of the film. (courtesy: rajatbedi24)

New Delhi:

Actor Rajat Bedi is a familiar face among Bollywood cinema fans. The actor has been a part of various popular films such as The Hero: Love Story of a Spy, Koi... Mil Gaya,Hera Pheri, Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi! and Partner, among others. However, the actor has been away from the silver screen for the past few years. Explaining the reason behind his absence from Bollywood, the actor spoke to actor Mukesh Khanna about his not-so-pleasant experience of working in some films, the most famous of them being the sci-fi film starring Preity Zinta and Hrithik Roshan. In the movie, Rajat Bedi played the role of Raj Saxena, the primary antagonist. In the interview, Rajat Bedi revealed that several of his scenes from the film were cut, leaving him “feeling terrible”.

Rajat Bedi explained that while Koi Mil Gaya was a blockbuster, he was disappointed to see the final cut. He says in the interview, “I moved to Canada at a point where I was feeling frustrated with my work in the film industry. Films worked and there was no bigger hit than Koi Mil Gaya but it did not benefit me. Because even though I had done a lot of work in that film, my track with Preity Zinta, and Hrithik's track with her...but when the final edit appeared my track was cut. My biggest disappointment was that when the film was released, they completely cut out from the publicity and promotions of the film,” adding, “I was very disappointed because as an actor you have certain expectations. I felt terrible"

His decision to step away from Bollywood was not just due to the Koi Mil Gaya disappointment but also due to a host of other reasons. The actor candidly shared that while working on a film with Sunny Deol, his cheques bounced after he had completed his share of work. “Then I was doing films with Sunny Deol. But all the cheques I received bounced. I was like ‘How will I grow?' I am getting films, I am getting fame but I had to run a household. And I had friends from very high society, who were running companies worth Rs 2000 crores. I asked myself, ‘Getting popular is fine, but where is the money?'” he said.

Rajat Bedi was last seen in the film Gol Gappe, which was released in February, this year.