This Article is From Jun 01, 2020

Normal Days: A Page From Khushali Kumar's Lockdown Poem Is Out Now

"Normal Days is my take on respecting and valuing every precious moment and being grateful for the gift of life," said Khushali Kumar

Normal Days: A Page From Khushali Kumar's Lockdown Poem Is Out Now

Khushali Kumar in Normal Day.


  • The video has been shot at Khushali Kumar's home
  • Normal Days has been composed by Jigar Panchal
  • Normal Days is out on T-Series' YouTube channel
New Delhi:

Life in the lockdown world has been challenging and demanding on everyone. It has in all probability, left no human being untouched. Forced to live in conditions we have never experienced before, it has left us all thinking hard on the true essence of life. Mr Gulshan Kumar's daughter and Bhushan Kumar's sister, Khushali, has used this forced "me-time" to write a thought provoking poem about the true significance of life and the things that are really important. Titled "Normal Days" - a lockdown message from a diary, the poem unveils a deeply sensitive side to actor-model-fashion designer Khushali Kumar.

The special lockdown poem from Khushali Kumar's diary, gives people hope and echoes everyone's sentiment of "the return of normal days." Featuring Khushali Kumar, with a special appearance by her mother Mrs Gulshan, the video is beautifully shot in Khushali's elegant home with minimum equipment and takes the audiences through a regular day in Khushali's life pre and post lockdown.

Normal Days recognises and acknowledges the contribution of our frontline coronavirus warriors. The video representation of the poem also throws light on the plight of marginal sections of the society, including migrant workers. It further makes a plea to respect nature and environment and to live in harmony with it.

Actor-model-fashion designer, Khushali Kumar says, "The circumstances we're in currently are anything but normal. Times are tough but our will needs to be tougher and that comes with the promise of normal days. These thoughts have been playing on my mind for a while now and I'm sure everyone else too is reminiscing about the good old days. Normal Days is my take on respecting and valuing every precious moment and being grateful for the gift of life."

Normal Days also fills Khushali with a sense of nostalgia, the pleasant feeling of yore that she has experienced vicariously through her mother's words. She recalls, "My mother talks so affectionately about the days of the past, of the simple and humble existence of living in the gallis of purani Delhi, which is where she met my dad also. The glow on her face when she narrates these old stories is magical."

Interestingly, Khushali has dedicated her poem to mothers. She said, "Through the poem I talk about two mothers. It starts with my mom and ends with mother nature. Mothers have this patience and love which is unmatched. We need to take care of mother earth now as these two months have taught us that we can't take it for granted anymore and we have to be responsible towards our only home - our planet."

T-Series head Bhushan Kumar said, "We begin to miss something only when it's gone and Normal Days is a beautiful poem penned by Khushali that teaches us to see the extraordinary even in day-to-day ordinary situations. We are in the midst of a pandemic but this has given us time to step back, change our perspective and reflect on what's truly important. Normal Days will inspire all of us to do just that."

Featuring Khushali Kumar, the video is directed by Mohan S Vairaag and the music is composed and produced by Jigar Panchal and Chirag Panchal. Normal Days is out now on T-Series' YouTube channel.