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Noor: If Sonakshi Sinha Was A Reporter, She'd Interview This Actor

Noor: If Sonakshi Sinha Was A Reporter, She'd Interview This Actor

Sonakshi Sinha in Noor


  • Noor is an adaptation of Pakistani novel Karachi, You're Killing Me!
  • The film is directed by Sunhil Sippy
  • Sonakshi Sinha says she could relate to the character immediately
New Delhi: Sonakshi Sinha's Noor hit the theatres on Friday. In the film, Sonakshi plays a journalist Noor Ray Chaudhary, who tries to juggle hard between her personal and professional life. The Sunhil Sippy-directed film is an adaptation of Pakistani novelist Saba Imtiaz's Karachi, You're Killing Me!. Of the film, Sonakshi said that she could easily relate to the character and she could connect to it. During the trailer launch of Noor, the 28-year-old actress said that it was an amazing experience to be a part of the project. Noor also stars Kannan Gill, Purab Kohli and Shibani Dandekar in pivotal roles.

Here are the excerpts from the interview:

NDTV: Bylines, deadlines and waistlines Sonakshi Sinha is the desi Bridget Jones in the Hindi adaptation of Saba Imtiaz's Karachi, You're Killing Me. And it was the book's 'real ' take which appealed to Sonakshi to take it on reel.

Sonakshi Sinha: I could relate to the character immediately. When they came to me with the script that was adapted to Mumbai, I knew in the first two pages that I am doing this film. I am part of this film and I am Noor definitely. So it was as quick as that and yes very real character. I've always played kind of larger than life characters in my previous films, but this one was just so real she was an everyday girl. She is a modern day girl, who is just trying to achieve so many things in a life while trying to make something out of herself. She wants the perfect career, she wants the perfect relationship, she wants the perfect figure, and you know how every girl today is struggling to go through life to achieve all of these things for herself.

NDTV: Did you draw from your own personal experiences?.

Sonakshi Sinha: Absolutely. Like I said I just felt so connected to her because she's 20 something who is trying to do something with her life, like all of us are. Even though our professions are different, she is a journalist and I am an actor, but our struggles, our insecurities being a girl are same. You know what we go through is pretty much the same it's just that our professions are very different and somebody you know a girl in college, working somewhere else would also be able to relate to her.

NDTV: And the dialogue which resonated with 'mera weight mere twitter account se zyada hai'

Sonakshi Sinha: Every time I go for an interview they pick out one thing from the trailer, and they are like "oh my God," you know what we are exactly like this. This happens with us, my boss is also always on my case. So you know I'm really happy that people are able to relate with her in certain ways.

NDTV: And after being on the other side can she now empathize with journalists.

Sonakshi Sinha: Well you know little things that I kind of figured while I was doing the film, which I probably didn't know earlier. Like - how you have to run around just to get one story, you have deadlines. It is a thankless job that is something I definitely learnt, other than that I usually I think there are lot of times we get asked questions which are silly or frivolous or stupid but now I understand that the editor is always on the journalist case to get that one answer.

NDTV: One question Sonakshi would like to ban every reporter from asking her.

Sonakshi Sinha: For me, personally I would like to ban people inquiring about my marriage. So please don't ask me. They have decided on their own that they are getting me engaged, they are getting me married. Honestly, I would really like to see change in Entertainment journalism, where people can print stuff, write and say, publish without verification without proper facts, because you know at the end of the day, actors work is to entertain you.

NDTV: So when does Sonakshi have a 'Mumbai, You're Killing Me Moment?

Sonakshi Sinha: Well, the first thing that comes to my mind are the potholes, because they kill everyone, every day. Commuting in Mumbai has just become such a pain. There's one part in the film where Noor actually goes through an entire monologue pointing out all the things that she hates and loves about the city, just because she wants to see it changing for the better. But you know it's not just Mumbai, it's someone living in Kolkata or Delhi or Bangalore or Chennai. Being a citizen of the country of the place that you live in, you always have certain issues and you there are certain things you want to see changing for the better. It actually was very refreshing for me to play something like that. Noor was definitely a refreshing change for me as well.

NDTV: So what did Sonakshi take home from Noor and what's her take on the current nepotism debate in the industry?

Sonakshi Sinha:Noor was the experience of playing a very strong girl but a whole bundle of contradictions you know like everyone. It was a refreshing change. It challenged me like never before. I took on the feeling of working on set with this wonderful crew guiding me, it was a rediscovery of my own city for me while shooting the film. There are a lot of things I took away from the film as well.

Beyond a point your surname will not sustain you as much as your talent and hard work will. So I think everyone has their fair share of struggles. This was a conversation between two people which has just blown up and now we get asked about it for no rhyme or reason.

But where is it not. Like Aamir Khan said it is human nature to take care of your own families. So where is it not?

NDTV: If Sonakshi was a reporter, whom she would like to interview?

Sonakshi Sinha: I would like to interview someone like Mr Bachchan who has the same zeal for his work even today, and with such a massive body of work and just an overall legend.

NDTV: And the actress is pretty stumped with Hrithik Roshan calling her a good dancer

Sonakshi Sinha: That was so sweet of him, I was so stumped when he said that well I guess we are mutual fans of each other. He's someone I have always admired right from his first film. I think it was really nice to have him on Nach Baliye 8 and this is where he made that revelation and I was literally like dying. I'm really looking forward to the tour and the show in Durban because performing on stage for me is the favourite part of my profession. I love being on stage and I am really looking forward to it.

Sonakshi Sinha will be next seen in Ittefaq opposite Sidharth Malhotra.