This Article is From Sep 30, 2014

Makers of Bang Bang and Haider Fight Over Single Screens

Makers of Bang Bang and Haider Fight Over Single Screens

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The issue over number of shows to be shared in Mumbai between Disney's Haider and Fox Star Studio's Bang Bang is yet to be resolved.

Manoj Desai of G-7 shows says, "Advance booking for these films has not yet started in single screen theatres since Fox Star Studios has been asking for more shows."

Exhibitor Inder Raj Kapoor confirms this. "As per the deal signed by most single screen theatres with Disney, four shows a day were supposed to be allotted to Haider. But single screen theatres are now okay with allotting two shows to each film. Fox Star Studios, however, is asking for three shows a day. We are still talking to them to resolve the issue."

The deal between Disney and single screen theatres for Haider was apparently signed when the former sold Aamir Khan's PK to the latter. Turns out Haider will be released in around 1,000 to 1,200 screens while Bang Bang will hit 4,500 screens. A source says, "Bang Bang needs a wider release as it is a costly film and films today do maximum business in their first week."

Another source says that in multiplexes, the ratio of screens between Bang Bang and Haider stands at 70:30. Amrita Pandey, VP and Head of Marketing and Distribution, Studios, Disney India, says that Haider will release in 1,100 screens. "Our showcasing will be based on our mapping of theatre locations and the audiences that we are targeting," she says.

A Fox Star Studios' spokesperson says, "It is early to comment on the exact screen count for Bang Bang. It will release in 4,500 screens in India and we are getting more screens." Trade analyst Komal Nahta says, "Both films should have had a solo release, but filmmakers won't get a long weekend anytime soon," he says.