Doctor Strange and Sherlock Update: You're Welcome, Cumberbatch Fans

Doctor Strange and Sherlock Update: You're Welcome, Cumberbatch Fans

A poster of Doctor Strange featuring Benedict Cumberbatch. (Image courtesy: Marvel Entertainment)


  • Sherlock co-creator shared an image from the sets of the TV show
  • Marvel released the first teaser of Doctor Strange
  • Sherlock will air in 2017, Doctor Strange is releasing in November
Mumbai: It's been a great 24 hours for all Benedict Cumberbatch fans. We have an update on both his television show Sherlock and upcoming film Doctor Strange.

First it was his hit TV show's fourth season, where Benedict started shooting at his famed dwellings at 221B Baker Street. Series co-creator Mark Gatiss released the first picture from the sets when he tweeted:

This was followed by Marvel releasing the first teaser of sorcerer supreme Doctor Strange:

Benedict as Sherlock will make it to one's television sets only in 2017 however, Doctor Strange will make his presence felt a year earlier, in November.

Created by artist Steve Ditko, Doctor Strange first appeared in 1963. Doctor Strange is Marvel's second attempt at a film version; the first being a 1978 television movie starring Peter Hooten. (Also Read: Benedict Cumberbatch Visits Comic Book Store in Doctor Strange Costume)

Doctor Strange is the master of magic but strangely enough doesn't rank too high in the Marvel superhero list of top 50. At number 33, Benedict's biggest challenge would be to conquer the global box office and it'll take more than abracadabra to do that.