This Article is From Sep 03, 2014

Charlize Theron Says She Doesnt Have a Perfect Body

Charlize Theron Says She Doesnt Have a Perfect Body

A still from the movie Aeon Flux featuring Charlize Theron

Los Angeles:

Charlize Theron says she doesn't have an ideal figure, but is happy with the way her body looks.

The actress features on the cover of Modern Luxury's September 2014 issue and looks sultry as ever in the spread, but she believes there is room for improvement, reports

"I do not have a perfect body! I'm always finding things I can work on, but I definitely have reached a point where I feel comfortable and happy with the way my body looks," said the 39-year-old, who spins and does yoga. (Also Read: Charlize's thought on ageing)


"I definitely am not one of those people who is constantly counting calories and doesn't allow myself to enjoy food. I love food. But I just try to be mindful of what I eat and be good to myself," she added.

Staying in shape is a family activity for the Hancock star. "My mom and I really enjoy hiking in the morning. There is a great trail around the corner from my house, so I go with (my two-year-old son) Jackson and the dogs," she said.