Bigg Boss 11, Written Update, December 20: No, Not Vikas Gupta But Akash Dadlani Is The Real 'Mastermind'

Bigg Boss 11: Akash Dadlani changed the game and Vikas failed

Bigg Boss 11, Written Update, December 20: No, Not Vikas Gupta But Akash Dadlani Is The Real 'Mastermind'

Bigg Boss 11: Still from the show. (Image courtesy: Colors)

New Delhi: 


  1. Akash Dadlani stole the show in todays task
  2. Hina and Priyank are in the race of captaincy
  3. Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan had a hearty laugh
Akash Dadlani spotted similarities between Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan. Shilpa got annoyed and said, "Isko saat janam lene hoge" while Arshi yelled: "Kabhi nahi." All the gharwale again started making strategies for 'BB Poultry Farm' and planned whom to ditch in the luxury budget task. Meanwhile, Shilpa had an emotional breakdown and broke into tears. She was seen talking to herself: Jitni izzat kamaayi sab gayi, yaha log bahut selfish hai." Hina tried to create differences between Vikas Gupta and Priyank and told Vikas that Priyank thought that Vikas would save him over Hiten Tejwani. But Vikas clarified and tried to resolve the issues.

Later, Hina said that Priyank wants work outside that's why he's being nice to Vikas (who is a producer).

Today's first golden egg had Akash Dadlani's image inscribed on it. Puneesh Sharma decided for revenge. All the housemates played with Akash's egg and finally threw it into the pool, discarding Akash from the captaincy race.

Today, Hina decided to play her cards well and went on to accuse Vikas of touching her inappropriately. Vikas in the process to protect his egg fell over Hina, that lead to an intense fight between them. In his defense, Vikas said that Hina was simply taking advantage of being a woman and accusing him falsely, when in reality she was constantly hugging the men of the house.

The Hero of the day, however, was Akash Dadlani who used his agility to great advantage as he wanted to acquire Vikas Gupta's egg and threw it in the pool. Hina and Shilpa who had then come together in friendship shared a good laugh at Vikas' expense and appreciated Akash's efforts in the task. Akash went crazy over his victory and yelled:Dadlani hoon main Dadlani."

'Begum' Arshi Khan did not want to see Shilpa as the next captain of the house and tried her best to convince others but found herself alone in this quest as the gharwale favoured Shilpa. On the other hand Akash kept provoking Arshi to steal Shilpa's egg.

Currently, Priyanka and Hina are in the race of captaincy. Who do you think will be the next captain of the house?

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