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Bigg Boss 11: Swami Om, Priyanka Jagga And Other Controversial Elements Of Season 10

Bigg Boss 11: From Swami Om throwing pee on contestants to Monalisa's wedding inside the house, season 10 had it all

Bigg Boss 11: Swami Om, Priyanka Jagga And Other Controversial Elements Of Season 10

Salman Khan will co-host Bigg Boss 11 with Mouni Roy.


  • Bigg Boss season 10 was full of controversies and big fights
  • Swami Om threw pee on other inmates of the house during a task
  • Monalisa married her boyfriend Vikrant during the show
New Delhi: Bigg Boss 11 is just round the corner and fans can't wait for the big day. There is much enthusiasm and excitement to watch our favourite host and dost of the show Salman Khan, tele-viewers are equally excited to watch what season 11's contestants have in store for us. Also, there's bonus, Naagin's Mouni Roy will co-host the show. We were not yet over with all the controversies and big fights that happened inside the house in Bigg Boss season 10, when the makers of the show revealed a new theme - padosi, this season. Well, so without much-ado let's take a recap of all the controversies that happened inside Bigg Boss's house last season:

Swami Om:

Swami Om, a self-styled godman, was easily the most controversial contestant of Bigg Boss 10. He used abusive language, gave misogynistic comments on almost every female contestant in the house and unnecessarily passed derogatory remarks about other contestants' parentage. He had ugly fights with contestants like Bani J, Monalisa, Rohan Mehra (who also slapped him), Nitibha Kaul, Lopamudra Raut and Priyanka Jagga (towards the end). But he crossed all limits when he threw pee on Bani J and Rohan Mehra during a task. After this absolutely indecent act, he was thrown out of Bigg Boss' house. Salman Khan, who also had several shouting matches with Swami Om during Weekend Ka Vaar, also said that he'll quit the show forever if Swami Om (also Priyanka Jagga but more about that later) ever returned to the platform.
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Priyanka Jagga:

Priyanka Jagga, a mother of two, who belonged to New Delhi was no less than Swami Om, when it came to crass behavior. She came into notice when she peed in her pants during her task. Priyanka often engaged in irrational fights with contestants such as Lopamudra Raut and Monalisa, after she returned to the house as a wild card entry. She also spoke ill about Manu Punjabi's late mother. She even misbehaved with Salman Khan on the show. After these incidents, Salman Khan asked Priyanka to move out of the house.
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Bani J and Lopamudra Raut:

VJ Bani and model Lopamudra never liked each other during the show - everyone know that. The duo had numerous fights but things got worse during the Call Centre task. Lopamudra commented that Bani uses her mother's disease as an emotional target to survive in the game. This did not go well with Bani and tried to hit Lopamudra. The duo got into a physical fight, which had left Salman Khan upset.
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Mona Lisa and Manu Punjabi:

Mona Lisa, who is a popular Bhojpuri actress, became close friends with non-celebrity contestants Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar. Well, Monalisa's boyfriend Vikrant, who is now her husband, didn't really like her friendship with Manu in particular. He once also visited Monalisa, during her stay in the house and interacted with other housemates. Later, he proposed to Monalisa and the couple got married in Bigg Boss' house.
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Rohan Mehra:

During the igloo task, Swami Om tried to strangle Rohan Mehra to ensure he is out of the captaincy race. After he failed to do so, he tried to disrupt the final task between Rohan and Manveer. The situation went out of control when Swami Om did not stop and damaged Rohan's game. Rohan Mehra, who had always maintained his cool with Swami Om, slapped him. According to Bigg Boss rules, you cannot hit any contestant of the house. So, Rohan Mehra was given a warning by Bigg Boss.
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Akansha Sharma

Akansha Sharma, who was married to cricketer yuvraj Singh's brother, featured in headline s after she made serious accusations about the family. Her stay was short but eventful.

Ufff, after all these controversies' recap, the wait has become a little tad-bit.

Salman Khan was present at the launch of Bigg Boss 11 in Mumbai. Salman wants the contestants to 'behave properly' on the show. He told IANS: "Well, I want everyone to behave properly. I know it is not easy considering the situation where all the participants are coming from different background and mingling the first time; there are friendship, politics, people deal with the tricky situation. However, they should behave."

Don't forget to watch Bigg Boss season 11 on October 1.

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